You may be planning to install a kitchen backsplash, but have you considered adding a focal point to your design? There is a rising trend which is making plaques very fashionable at the moment. The plaques act as a great way to capture and draw the attention of the person entering your kitchen. Many people think of focal points as a chandelier in the living room, but it can be done simply in the kitchen by creating an area with a different texture, or pattern with color panelling.

Sometimes all your kitchen needs to bring it up to modern standards is to install or replace the kitchen backsplash tile. Completely remodelling your kitchen is an expensive and often unnecessary process, so first consider if changing the backsplash on its own may work for you.

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I have installed a mural in my own home, and I am so glad I did. The mural offers something different to the kitchen and is able to create the focal point I was looking for.

Here are some mural ideas to add to your kitchen.

Why not make use of cast metal harvest themed plaques, which come with grapes, corn or wooden food crates for example. Another idea is to create silver “royal” theme plaques, which contain chalices spilling over with fresh produce. These are just two ideas I have come up with which could revolutionize your kitchen and give the focal point that you are looking for.

Antique Chic

Simple white subway tiles are ever popular, and these work well with nearly all cabinets that exist, so they offer a cheap way to transform your kitchen. But, many find them quite boring and bland on their own, so people are tending to install a plaque with their white subway tiles to offer something different. One way you can do this is to make use of antique kitchen backsplash plaques with the subway tiles.

Other ways you can do this is by using Bronze cyclone plaques and backsplash inserts and Ancient Maya style silver plated plaques.

If you have your own ideas about a focal point for a kitchen backsplash, be sure to let us know! You don’t need to stick to just one plaque. Some are even adding two focal points to give their kitchen a one in a million look. For more inspiration, check out

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