Your child has outgrown the decor in their bedroom, again. You feel like you’ve just gone through the process, but it’s time to do it all over. They’re begging you for something different, but your creative juices are drained.

And that’s where we come in. If you need a little inspiration to update your kid’s room in 2020, here are 7 ideas to help get you started. Your child will thank you!

Wait, Before You Start…!

Okay, okay. We said no rules. But these aren’t rules. We do have a little bit of advice that may help you on the journey:

  • Watch the purse strings. It’s tempting to splash the cash, especially if this is your first child. Just remember: they grow up fast. And opinions change quickly. They may like Disney characters on their walls today, but in 6 months they will beg you to take them down.
  • Go neutral on big, go details on little. An extension on the argument above, we recommend opting for neutral for the big stuff and injecting personality on what’s easily changed.
  • Work with your kids. The room is for them, not you, remember? This is a fun project you can do together. Use the opportunity to get closer together. Kids also love rooms they’ve had a tangible part in creating.
  • Ditch the standard. The fun part about decorating a child’s room is that you can let your creativity go wild. Throw out the playbook. Don’t be constrained by what you think you ‘should’ do.

Invest in a High Rise Bed

This is a fan favourite. It’s often a struggle to give kids the room they need, especially if you live in an urban environment. With space at a premium, you need to think outside the box. Opting for a high rise bed will you room to set up a desk, a play area, or a reading space.

Interesting Lighting

You probably know just how important lighting is. It can set the tone for the room, turning a bright and loud atmosphere to a cozy and warm place to chill. This nifty blue table lamp with soft colours, for example, offers a combination of trend and function.

Turn the Wall Into a Game

Kids should be able to use their walls. For example, add a full-sized map of the world to help them learn where countries are. Or, if your kids love expressing their art on your walls using crayon, why not turn your wall writable?

Make Room for a Desk

Your child needs a proper environment to do their work independently. The dining table should be a last resort for those late night homework assignments. Even if your child is a few years away from having to study for a test, set things up as early as you can!

Don’t Be Afraid of a Theme

Yes, children grow quickly. Favourite toys are discarded on the daily. TV shows they love today will be forgotten by tomorrow. For this reason, parents often reject going for a single theme. We think it can work in your favour. As we mentioned earlier, go for neutral tones for the big stuff, and zero in on the detail when it comes to more inexpensive items. Decals, paint, and matching colours don’t need to cost the earth.

Add in ‘Theme’ Shelves

This is an extension of the theme idea. To keep things flexible, install a gallery wall using wooden or plastic frames. You can then insert artwork, toys, and pictures that represent your chosen theme. They add character and continuity to the room, but can be easily replaced should moods change!

Make the Room Adult Friendly!

Our final tip: make sure you can join in on the fun as well! Parents are often so focused on putting together the perfect bedroom for their kids that they forget they’ll be spending time in there too.

For example, add a sofa that you can both sit on for story time. Make room for a large chair so you can paint, draw, or do homework together. Clear enough room on the floor so you can sit down and play with your kids. It will make spending time together a lot easier!

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