The modern gas fireplaces from Spark Modern Fires are unique in both their design and the quality of the product. The modern fireplaces burn with a beautiful glowing flame that makes a great centerpoint for any room. Fill your space with warm and radiant air with their many different fireplace sizes and styles. There are a wide variety of fireplaces to fit your perfectly in your home or outdoor living area, from the creator of the first flame-only fire – Spark modern Fires!

Modern and Sleek Fireplace Designs

For a fire redesigned, try one of the many styles and features of the Spark Modern Fires gas fireplaces. Their outstanding performance and cutting-edge features make it the top choice for indoor modern fireplaces. From customizable styles to details and dimensions, you can have a unique fireplace for your indoor or outdoor space.

Low Maintenance

Modern gas fireplaces are not only noted for good looks, but also are low maintenance. Wood burning fireplaces require a great deal of work to maintain properly. With gas fireplaces, you no longer have to worry about getting logs and kindling, and there are no harsh fumes, ashes or chimneys to clean. Fires can quickly be started with a touch of remote – then you just sit back, and relax! The fire will not burn out, and you can customize the flame size. It is also very energy efficient, as you can get back 75 to 99 percent of the energy back as heat compared to a wooden fireplace – which is only 10 to 30 percent.

At Spark Modern Fires, their modern gas fireplace will transform the style of your indoor or outdoor space. Adding one of their fireplaces is like adding a contemporary work of art to your home. It’s unique and you can make a statement as the focal point to any room or outdoor space. Contact Spark Modern Fires today to have a versatile, energy efficient fireplace with a sophisticated design.

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