Even if you are not a professional interior designer, you will be able to decorate your room like a pro by following the tips that will be mentioned below. To be specific, we will give you tips on how you can personalize your décor to be able to save your money while also making it more meaningful.

Make Use of Gifts

Now that the holidays are over, if you have ever been given personalized gifts by your family and friends, it is now time to put them into good use. You can display them in the room to give it more character without having to spend a dime. Some of the best examples of personalized gifts that can double as a décor include canvas prints, picture frames, and customized pillow cases, among others.

If you did not receive any personalize gifts last Christmas, Shutterfly saves the day. Check out their website for a selection of personalized items that you can use in the bedroom.

Create your Own Wallpaper

Yes, it is easy to go online or visit an actual store to buy wallpapers. However, they are not only expensive, but their design can also be generic. If you want to add a distinct element in the room that you are renovating, DIY wallpapers will be great. You can glue a piece of fabric on the wall and have it painted as desired. Once you are bored with the design, all that you have to do is to remove the fabric and replace it with a new one. This way, the room can have a new look without going through a tasking paint job.

DIY Headboard

Another cheap way to make the room look better after the renovation is to create your own headboard. You can use scrap materials in the yard, such as old wood or metal. A stylish headboard will transform your bedroom into a more relaxing space. The good thing about a DIY headboard is that depending on how creative you are, many of the materials used are already available. This is the perfect opportunity for upcycling.

Stained Glass Windows

This might seem like an intimidating task at first. However, the reality is that a DIY stained glass window is actually easy. Even if you are a beginner, there is no need to worry. The main material that you will need is Solyx clear polyester film. Read this guide from Martha Stewart for a step-by-step guide on how to add a stained-glass effect on your bedroom windows.

Personalized Pillowcases

There are several ways by which you can add a touch of personalization in your pillowcases. One of the easiest is to paint on blank pillowcases. If you want something that is more advanced, you can also consider embroidery. For those who do not want to exert any effort at all, you can have them printed with family photos or patterns that are desired.

Do not put off the idea of renovating your bedroom just because you think it is difficult. Follow the tips mentioned above for easy ideas on how to renovate your personal space and make it personalized!

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