Keeping your carpet clean is a struggle in general. Whether you live alone, have kids, or often invite guests over, your rug is going to end up seeing the worst of it over time. Throw a few pets into the mix, and you might assume that your carpet is already done for. However, we’ve come a long way from the easily-stained rugs of the past. Today, homeowners choosing carpet for pets have no shortage of great options. From the best carpet cleaning baton rouge services to stain proof rugs to carpets specifically made to resist and combat pet odor, you can take your pick between a ton of different types of specialty rugs. Most carpet manufacturers today have a specific pet-friendly carpet or carpet line using the best elements of stain-resistant technology to create a mess-free, easy-to-clean surface that won’t get you into any trouble with mold, staining, or mildew growth. However, keeping your carpet clean in a house full of pets isn’t just up to your carpet. You’ll need to put in some work, too. If you live with pets, here are a few ways to keep on top of the mess and cut your cleaning time in half.

Invest in a Pet-Friendly Carpet

One way to make sure that pet stains don’t ruin your life is to purchase a pet-proof or stain-resistant carpet. These are carpet types that work to fight stains and spills of any type by providing a tight-knit barrier against liquid the minute it hits the surface. The difference between stain-proof and pet-proof rugs is usually minimal, however it is important to note that pet urine can do a lot of damage even to the toughest materials due to its high acid content. If you’re worried about getting a lot of stains on your rug due to an old dog or a new puppy who’s just being housebroken, getting a specifically pet-friendly rug might help counteract the high acidity of frequent staining and help fight against odor more effectively. While older dogs can’t help where they go, younger dogs will begin to recognize the scent of their accident site and continue to repeat the action. If you have a dog who’s good about going outside, opting for a regular stain-proof rug could be your best bet, especially if you’re concerned about cost.

Clean Stains as They Happen

With any stains, your best bet is to tend to them as soon as you spot them. While it’s not always realistic to be dealing with a stain the instant it occurs, especially where pets are concerned, you can do your part to make things easier by keeping a clean-up kit on hand, storing pet cleaner spray and wipes under the kitchen sink for easy cleaning. Even if you purchase a stain-proof rug, you still have to be diligent about spraying after you wipe up your stain in order to eradicate odors. With pet-proof rugs, you won’t have to worry about mold or over-wetting, so always use a green pet stain clear to spray the area.

Train Your Pets

One of the more effective ways to keep your rug protected from damage is to teach your pets early and often that going to the bathroom in the house is not okay. There are many ways to do this, but the key is to ingrain into your puppy or kitten’s head early on that there are consequences to going on the rug once they know better. You can use treats to enforce positive behaviors and use special sprays or cleaners that actively discourage pets from “marking” an area as their territory. However you decide to train your pet, make sure that you get housebreaking done after six months. Waiting any longer could enforce bad habits in your pet and put your rug in serious danger of getting ruined.

Use the Right Cleaner

When it comes to getting rid of pet stains, all cleaners are not created equal. Pet urine and fecal matter aren’t just unpleasant to clean. It can end up spreading scent and lingering for days, making your pet more likely to return to the same spot to do the same business. The acid content in pet urine can also cause problems for your rug over time. Because of this, you want to be cautious about what cleaners you use. Going for a strong, chemical cleaner or spraying the area with bleach will only mask the smell. To really get rid of it, opt for a cleaner specifically targeted toward pet accidents.


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