Everyone wants their home to look polished and beautiful, but some design choices can take this goal even further. With the Florida heat, it can sometimes be a struggle to keep homes cool, but you can help your house be more energy efficient with the right ideas. Following these four suggestions can help you beat the heat in style. 

1. Upgrade Your Air Conditioner

Before you can even turn your attention to the visual aspects of design, you need to have a good foundation to start with. Upgrading your air conditioner to an energy efficient model is a great way to improve the air flow in your home. Even just fixing old problems can have a big impact, and 24 hour AC repair Tampa is an option to get it done as soon as possible.

2. Invest in Lamps

The more light you inject into a space, the warmer it’s likely to feel. Instead of bright overheads, consider using lamps to achieve less intense illumination. It’s a practical choice that offers limitless chances to achieve the exact style that you want to show off. You could use sconces as well or choose from both tabletop and floor lamps. You also have a lot of variety when it comes to lampshades; they’re available in various sizes and shapes to give you a different look.

3. Hang Curtains

The Florida sun can be an overwhelming source of heat, so one way to cut down on these UV rays is to block them out. Most window treatments are versatile enough that you can adjust them throughout the day as needed. An abundance of fabric choices let you adapt the curtains to your own personal style with different patterns, colors and textures.

4. Select a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans have always had a bad reputation of being unpleasant to look at, but modern lighting designers have changed all that. You can find some pretty sleek ceilings fans on the market if you look hard enough. These can be a grand focal point, and the benefits of greater air circulation don’t hurt either.

You don’t have to suffer during the hottest months of the year. The interior of your home should be a comfortable place to relax and put your feet up. As you work on redesigning your space, think about these amazing ways to take the heat out of your rooms to create an area you’ll want to spend all day in.

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