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Business is a complex dance between economic and social issues. Today’s younger workforce, nicknamed millennials, cares about environmental issues. These employees want their employers to adopt sustainable practices, according to studies. Implementing environmentally friendly business operations is a nod to the future and an investment for all of life on Earth. Here are five ways your company can help the environment.

1. Reduce pollutants.

This means everything from making shipping services more efficient to installing systems for harnessing solar and wind power to preventing the release of harmful contaminants from manufacturing processes. For example, oil water separators North Carolina help the food industry prevent oil, grease, and other solids from entering water systems where they could harm fish and wildlife. These industrial filters also help protect municipal water supplies.

2. Install water filtration at your offices.

Plastic is only now becoming known for the environmental and planetary hazard that it is. Reduce its use by installing water filtration. Give every new employee a non-plastic reusable cup or water bottle that they can fill from the taps. Otherwise, the hundreds or thousands of water bottles they would use will not all make it to recycling plants, thus contributing to dangerous plastic waste on the planet. You may also attract knowledgeable younger workers by adopting this and other sustainable operations.

3. Let indoor plants filter your air.

Not all air filtration systems are made by humans. Plants are the original and most effective air filters. Not only can they clean the air, but they will also make your facilities more aesthetically pleasing. Some plants also actively remove contaminants. Such multitaskers include rubber plants, peace lilies, airplane or spider plants, and snake plants.

Some environmentally friendly business practices may not apply to your particular industry. However, all companies can take various steps to become more ecologically responsible and reduce human waste. Happily, some of the things companies can do are simple, such as adding plants, which make life better and more beautiful. Nature is like that. These days, working with nature rather than against it is just good business.

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