Upholstered furniture is one of the biggest investments for most homeowners. It is a big responsibility for them to take care of this furniture to maintain quality and durability. Do not use the all-purpose cleaners or the same cleaning methods that effectively clean the other normal furniture in the home.

If you have such furniture in your home, here are some of the major mistakes to avoid while cleaning the furniture. If you do not follow the right techniques and methods to clean upholstery furniture, you might lose the furniture’s quality. If you want to know more about upholstery cleaning mistakes and solves them, read this article.

  1. Using the Wrong Type Of Cleaning Products

These days there are various types of cleaning products available in the market. Not all of them are of good quality and provide the best cleaning results. And not all of them are suitable for cleaning the upholstery furniture. If you do not know what type of cleaning products is good for this furniture and use it, you might damage your sofa or similar furniture. Using the wrong tools and products can have irreversible damage to the furniture. Sofa is made up of various materials, and they need the right cleaning material.

2. Failing To Do The Patch Test Before You Are Buying The Cleaning Products

If you do not have any idea regarding the type of cleaning products for cleaning the upholstery, you might affect the sofa’s material. So, it is better to do the patch test to clean the sofa before buying it. Take time to test the cleaning solution and its results. This helps in avoiding damaging your upholstery furniture. Suppose you do not know the type of furniture cleaning products. In that case, you can either check the online sites or ask the professional who generally provide the services on cleaning the upholstery furniture of your home.

3. Failing To Avoid The Manufacturer’s Guidelines

One of the major mistakes made by upholstery furniture owners is that they do not follow the right manufacturing guidelines. Following the right guidelines is very important if you want to keep your upholstery clean for a longer time. Once you generally buy the furniture, you neglect the procedures and guidelines the manufacturer or the salesperson informs you about the same maintenance and cleaning techniques. If the wrong items are used for cleaning, it will affect the durability and damage the furniture.

4. Soaking The Upholstery Furniture In Water

Most homeowners have a common notion that water is the best solution for cleaning upholstery furniture. But it is not. Soaking the furniture in water is one of the major mistakes to make. It affects the furniture quality, and constant exposure to water can cause the item not to dry soon. It can lead to the accumulation of microorganisms and molds to grow inside the furniture so easily.

5. Using The Wrong Cleaning Techniques

Yes, not all of you are expert to clean upholstery furniture, but you think it is quite possible. The fact is that when you follow the wrong cleaning techniques to clean the furniture, you might end up damaging the same. Hence, if you plan to clean and maintain your upholstery furniture in your home, it is better to use the right type of cleaning technique as followed by the professionals to keep the furniture in good condition for a long.

6. Avoid The Marks And Stains Left By The Cleaning Products

Even a small trace of cleaning products left on the furniture can damage it further rather than cleaning it. If you are cleaning the upholstery furniture with some cleaning products, you should check thoroughly that you left any trace of liquid or chemical on the same surface. If there is any trace of chemical cleaning solution left on the furniture, it will further damage the furniture’s fabric. Either you check the surface of the furnishing items thoroughly after cleaning, or you use a small amount of the cleaning solution so that the excess does not remain on the surface.

7. Do Not Scrub, You Blotting For Soaking The Liquid spills

Yes, most of you make mistakes while cleaning the upholstery furniture is to scrub the spills rather than soaking it. This process of cleaning further damages the quality of furniture fabric and makes it look too bad. The better way is to use an absorbent cloth for blotting the spills, and moisture absorbs it. It helps to soak the spill rather than scrubbing it on the surface.

These are some of the major mistakes you can avoid while you are cleaning your upholstery furniture. If you do not know the right techniques to clean the furniture, hire a professional cleaning company that assures you to clean them in the right manner and to extend their life.

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