We all love our pets but we don’t always love what they can do to our carpets. Even the best trained dog or cat might have an accident and that could be a stain waiting to happen. The key to avoiding small mistakes from turning into big problems for your carpet is to pick up the mess as soon as it occurs.

Unfortunately, you can’t always be there when your pet makes a mistake and their mess is allowed to sit on the carpet for minutes or hours that can lead to a pretty bad stain. One that might never come out.

Pet owners are well aware of all the perils that come with owning their furry friends and expensive carpeting at the same time. In an effort to help you overcome some of those threats, here are some helpful hints from your friendly neighborhood BnK Chem-Dry for keeping both living in harmony under one roof.

The following are some of the most tried and true techniques for ensuring the peak condition of your carpet for as long as you own it.

Routine Vacuuming

Pets shed. It’s a fact of life. With all that dead hair comes the dander that can trigger allergic reactions and other respiratory discomforts in those who are prone to such responses. Your pets can also bring in dirt and grime and other contaminants either from the outdoors or the litter box.

If you allow all of those things to accumulate on top of your carpet fibers they can start to fall deeper into those fibers with every step of foot traffic. Once those things get caught up inside the carpet, they can start to make for an unhealthy living situation.

If you don’t address the problem on a weekly or even daily basis, you could be walking across a very dirty carpet, one that is rife with bacteria in the pile and each time you walk over it you’ll be kicking up those harmful irritants and breathing them in.

Sounds absolutely gross, right? Well then, get out that vacuum cleaner and suck up all of those unhealthy things on a routine basis. That way your carpets look brighter, smell fresher, and feel a lot better to the touch.

Mind those Paws

Pets know how to get into the dirtiest and grimiest of places. Whether indoors or out, if there is dirt, mud, or lord knows what else, chances are your furry friend is stepping in it right now.

Cats are rather clean animals but even they miss something on their back foot when leaving the litter box and if they track it through the house, you can guarantee it’s going to get on your carpet.

So before your best buddy steps into the room with that bright, clean carpet scoop them up and get a damp cloth or paper towel and give those paws a quick wipe down. Once those toes are tidy, you can place your pet back on the floor and let them romp around on that beautiful carpet.

Exercising some modicum of preventive care can go a long way towards ensuring your carpet doesn’t suffer any unwitting accidents from a pet that would normally ask to go outdoors or run to their designated bathroom area when nature calls.

Carpet for Pet Owners

Believe it or not, there are some carpets on the market that are ideal for homes with one or more pets. That’s because they’ve been equipped with protective coatings and stain-resistant technologies to ward off any of the messes that could be left behind by a pet.

These carpets are made in a variety of materials, colors, and styles to choose from, each of them given a special treatment that refuses to let mistakes and accidents get into the fibers even if a pet mess remains on the carpet for longer than it should.

These types of stain-resistant carpets with chemically treated fibers are perfectly safe to have in the home as they are designed for pets and children in mind. Even those consumers who may not be able to clean their carpets on a regular basis will turn to these types of high-technology carpets so they can maintain a beautiful floor covering without doing as much work as might be necessary.

A Professional Touch

Finally, the best way to keep your carpet clean with pets is to have a professional carpet cleaning company come in and give your carpet the deep cleaning it needs. Vacuums won’t get it all and whatever those leave behind can be eliminated with professional carpet cleaning machines.

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