Homes with industrial styled interior design are becoming increasingly popular these days and to achieve the look of a complete rustic styled industrial home, one has to make sure that he knows the things that are necessary for it. So here we are to help you with the interior design of a room or a whole house, in industrial style.

The main idea behind this theme is to choose highly polished items along with the seemingly unfinished chic design elements in the area. Now this combination of high and low has to be made with so much care that the whole thing should give a very harmonious look.

So how are you going to do that?

May be some tips would help you cover it up.

Before you actually start, the major this to consider is the space that you have. Of course a very small space would not be very effective for conversion to an industrial styled design. Therefore, choose an area of the house, that has a good amount of room for all the things.

  • The first thing to do is to change the color palette of the room so that it has more natural and subtle tones both for the interior design elements as well as for the wallpapers. Use plenty of textured elements in the floor and windows and create a theme with the use of a palette that you are following.
  • The key to the best form of industrial styled homes, is to make a blend of the modern interior design elements with the rustic ones. The balance you have to create in these two, would be the result for the industrial designed home of your dreams.
  • The industrial styled home is incomplete without the incorporation of the open space in your area. This is taken from the open lofts from the Arabian homes. Make sure there is an open island that connects your kitchen to your lounge or a floor sitting space that gives an idea of an open space.
  • When going on to the décor of the walls, remember that the vintage maps are a great décor item for any room with an industrial style and you could go for any of the options for it. Like you could use a whole big map to cover up one wall and use the map as a wallpaper, or you could get the map framed into several small piece and make a collage out of it or create a small gallery on one of your walls.
  • Choose the lighting fixtures for your industrial styled space accordingly. The main idea here is to use the simplest lights that can make a statement. Leave the lights to the last as you have to keep in mind, the wall colors and the rest of the scheme so that your lamps and lights look bold and chic.

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