Spring is just around the, which means summer is not too far behind. It isn’t too early to get your outside living areas ready for the season. Whether relaxing or entertaining outdoors, summer is a time to soak up the sun when you can and escape to the shade when the sun is too hot to handle. Creating a space that offers respite from the sun’s heat means more time spent enjoying the great outdoors right in your own backyard.

Design With the Sun in Mind

If you like to spend a good portion of your days outside, but the late afternoon sun often chases you in, find a way to beat the heat without going indoors. Rather than chasing the shade around your yard, create your own. For instance, utilizing retractable shades in Austin summer heat can make your deck, patio, or sunroom bearable on those sweltering afternoons. There are other creative options for Shade Outdoor Living Solutions, such as creating a pergola as a decorative element as well as a shady place in a favorite spot in the yard. Choosing design solutions that allow for more shaded options not only opens up your world of relaxation, it also provides you with more usable space for throwing those backyard summer parties.

Landscaping Solutions

You can also look to smart landscaping designs to provide solutions for lengthening the time you can spend comfortably outdoors in the heat of the summer. If you have an east or southeast-facing yard, you might want to plant for maximum sun exposure to allow for the warmth of those morning rays to shine on down. If, however, you have a yard exposed to the heat of the afternoon sun, greening up the landscape with shade trees can shelter your yard and home from both the heat and the damage that can be caused by direct late-day sunlight. Make sure you find out which trees work best for your environment so that shade tree you chose doesn’t do more harm than good.

Summer is all about fun in the sun until the sun gets too hot to enjoy. There are, however, options for creating an outdoor space that is usable for more hours of the day more months of the year. When you design with the sun in mind and utilize landscaping solutions for optimal sun exposure, you can really use that outdoor living space for outdoor living all summer long.

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