Lately, it has become important to install good home security systems. The home should be the securest and safest place for your family. This guide completed by home automation experts Custom Controls examines what measures you can take to protect your home.

Intruder Alarms

Almost all homes have a standard intruder alarm fitted with an outer bell box. Whenever an intruder enters the home, this system goes off upon sensing them. Neighbors or the police then respond to the alarm. The problem with this system is the fact neighbors only respond when the alarm annoys them. Police will also not show up until they receive a call. You can make this system more effective by:

  1. linking it to a central monitoring system so it contacts the homeowner and the police the exact moment the alarm goes off, which equates to faster response times.
  2. fitting the windows and doors with vibration sensors, which cause the alarm to go off the moment an intruder tries to enter the home, thus dissuading him.

CCTV Systems

In the standard form, CCTV is incapable of deterring criminals. All they have to do is to pull a mask over their faces and then they can do whatever they want. Most CCTV Systems are also of a poor quality thus unable to identify criminals. However, what these systems do effectively is to offer you peace of mind. A few measures worth putting in place to make the CCTV System more effective include: It is just like hiring security guards with AR-15 uppers to guard your property.

  1. finding ways of connecting its feed with a monitoring station so the personnel manning it are able to monitor the home the minute the alarm goes off.
  2. installing high-end IP CCTVs with resolutions that are as good as 4K TV thus allowing for better and faster identification of intruders, thus making it easier to collect evidence

Perimeter Protection

Perimeter protection systems make it harder for people to get inside your property. A monitoring station receives an alert the minute somebody tries entering your property. The monitoring team then checks the video footage to see if the “intruder” is a member of the household or somebody with criminal motives. Such a system works superbly for high net-worth homeowners and clients. It is effective in preventing kidnappings and carjacking.



Door Access and Intercom Systems

Physical keys are no longer as effective and secure as before. They are easy to clone and copy thus making it impossible to tell how many keys are out there without your knowledge. Door access and Intercom systems assign key personnel the job of monitoring your property. The personnel receive a one-time pass code. The Intercom system deals with visitors who show up on the property.

The Intercom system also communicates with you via your mobile when you’re not at home.

If you have the budget, you may wish to contact home automation installers for their help to protect your home with the latest automation technology, making use of Crestron home automation. This is by far the best method for protecting your home.

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