There are specific things to take into consideration when planning a roof replacement. Changing roof coverage is the perfect opportunity to administer the tasks below, but make sure you engage a professional roofer.


Add an underlay screen; the HPV (highly permeable to water vapor) under-roofing screen helps to seal your roof against air and water while allowing water vapor to escape. It reduces the phenomenon of pressure-depression of the roof, responsible for the flight of the tiles during storms, which allows the installation of tiles on lower slopes. It also prevents the penetration of powdery snow, dust, and pollen. How do you choose the screen? It all depends on the frame, the spacing of the rafters, the type of roofing, but also on the presence or not of a converted attic.

Screen Installation

Only a professional roofer can judge the feasibility of the operation. Opt for a quality product that is thick enough, because it is made to last. Once installed, the screen is exposed to the risk of aging, first because of UV rays (before the cover is laid), then the high heat under the cover in summer ( this can exceed 80°C). Some membranes have a metal surface and therefore reject part of the heat in the summer while reducing energy losses in the winter and letting the water vapor escape.

Roof Window Installation

You could consider installing roof windows. Quality roof windows (good thermal and sound performance) provide a significant solar gain in converted attics. The peripheral connections must be perfectly executed to guarantee reliable sealing and thermal insulation. Today there are models suitable for metal or wood.

Changing the Gutters

Change your gutters or channels. It would be a shame not to take the opportunity to change the entire rainwater drainage system. Indeed, your gutters or your channels, fixed on your new roof, will be the most visible elements. Find out about the new aluminum, PVC, or zinc processes. There is something for everyone.

Will The Roof Withstand the Changing Weather?

The regulations set the minimum slopes for each type of tile, and the conditions of use, according to the wind factor and the rain. A professional roofer must therefore install the roof, according to strict rules. Slate and zinc naturally resist frost well. However, avoid laying zinc in wet weather. It must be able to oxidize gradually to create its famous protective patina. Current clay roof tiles are designed to resist frost (according to standardized tests).

Should You Consider Real or Fake Slates?

Natural slate, made from shale rock, offers an almost unlimited lifespan but is quite expensive. Fiber cement slate is often used at a lower cost but beware of the risk of discoloration over time. Dyed in the mass, terracotta products can also be confused with slate for a long time, but without reaching its finesse. It is therefore essential to choose, taking into account the price of the realization, its appearance, and its durability.

Moss Invasion

How do I prevent my roof from being invaded by moss? Are you sure it is foam? Mosses are fairly thick plants that prevent water from flowing normally and promote infiltration. The green to gray coloring that the tiles take on is most often explained by the presence of algae or lichens. The proliferation of these undesirables depends on the climate (humidity), exposure (in the north in particular), prevailing winds, and even air pollution (growth favored by nitrates). A little compact snow can detach them naturally. Another solution, less random, is annual maintenance which consists in spraying a suitable product, the least toxic possible.

Roof Protection

After repairing the roof, what do you do to protect your roof? Inspect it regularly and take action quickly: cracked, poorly fixed, or unhooked tiles; weather vane damaged; flickering antenna; dirty gutters; tree branches or troublesome climbing plants; weakened chimney, etc. Check the ridges, hips, and especially the mortar seals (because of the risk of infiltration). Ventilation of the roof must also take place in good condition (no damp attics). Some specialized companies offer a free annual check of your roof as part of their work guarantee. If you have tried roof replacements and it has not worked out for you personally, it is possible you need to contact a real professional to get the job done for you.

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