Owning a home comes with a lot of responsibility. One responsibility is to make repairs to home structures when problems arise. This includes the roof.

However, not all roof repairs are DIY jobs. This is especially the case if you need new roof construction St Charles County MO. Keep reading to learn the signs it is time to invest in a new roof.

Consistent Leaks

While this may sound silly, you would be surprised to learn how many homeowners ignore leaks. While a big leak needs to be addressed immediately, smaller leaks are easier to ignore and put off.

Unfortunately, as time passes, small leaks grow. While they may not be causing much damage now, they could get bigger in a few weeks or months and lead to bigger, more expensive problems.

Inconsistent Shingle Color

Your roof should be consistent and strong. However, if you begin noticing inconsistencies, it is a sign that you may need repairs. If you notice areas on your roof where wear and tear are more obvious, then it could indicate repairs are needed. In fact, some darker areas may be signs of wood rot.

Missing or Curling Shingles

As the shingles on your roof age, they will begin to deteriorate. This will be apparent if you see the shingles curling at the edges. If you notice this problem, it is a sign that you need repairs. The same is true for missing shingles. While one or two missing shingles can be replaced, roof replacement may be needed if there are more than that.

Don’t Wait for Roof Repair

There are more than a few signs that let you know when there is an issue when it comes to roof repair. Be sure to keep these in mind to know when it is time to call for professional repairs. Getting help from the professionals is going to ensure that your roof remains strong and protective.


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