A roofer needs to be equipped with several tools for proper job execution. Location and climatic conditions can also play a part in what kind of equipment you will need to use and plan accordingly. Here this guide explores five essential tools every professional roofer knows and uses.

1) Ladders

To access the higher parts of roofs, roofers need ladders that can support their weight plus an extra payload if they have tools when climbing up.

2) Roofing Saw

When removing old shingles, cutting through rafters or purlins where they meet at ridgelines, or sawing up an entire roof to be discarded in pieces, a good roofer wants reliable roofing saw to undertake a clean and quick job. These saws have coarse teeth to cut fast without clogging up too much. For safe use on steep roofs, there are also “roofer’s sawhorses” that can be used to support the overhanging end of the saw when it gets awkward.

3) Utility Knife

Utility knives are not just helpful in getting sheathing off to inspect for damage after hailstorms. It is an excellent tool for cutting felt paper and shingles if you want to cut them into small pieces. A utility knife can also score sheathing, which allows it to bend more easily when lifted with a crowbar.

4) Pry bar

You never know what needs prying up or off, but you will probably get there eventually, so always have a pry bar to get the job done. Even when breaking up roofing materials, a pry bar appears invaluable when replacing shingles, especially among the roofers Summerville-based.

5) Duct Tape

Duct tape is so useful no pro-roofer should ever leave home without it. It is the perfect solution for temporary repairs, from window flashings to weather stripping around roof access hatches. It can even substitute as a sealing compound in some emergencies (such as repairing a leak on the outside of your house).

In conclusion, these seven items have been used countless times by professionals and amateurs alike for hundreds of different situations. So keep them all in mind when next you head up onto that roof!

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