Rats, mice, bats, and other unwanted pests can turn your house into a living nightmare because they invade your home like very uninvited and unwanted guests. It is important to take note of any signs of infestations and call a Denver exterminator early enough. That helps to ensure the cleanliness and continued habitability of your home.

Parasites can stay hidden and undetected for a long time, so you need to be careful not to miss the signs of an invasion. Hiring the services of an exterminator may be costly, but some cases will call for this professionalism. The following are signs of a pest infestation in your home.

Nesting Materials

This is among the first indications of pest infestations and a confirmation that you need to call an exterminator. Evidence of nesting material as shredded paper, fabric, or insulation found in crannies and corners of your home mean you have a parasite in your home. You can also check behind laundry appliances and inside drawers for nesting materials.

Pest Droppings

Pest droppings are evidence of an invasion, so it is crucial to get familiar with the appearance of different pest droppings. If there are any wet spots of urine and rodent droppings in your pantry, kitchen, or any other part of the house, call an exterminator. These droppings present a health risk to pets and people as they carry fatal diseases. It will be easy to call an exterminator to get rid of these disease-causing rodents.


If you hear rustling and scratching sounds coming from your kitchen, you probably have a rodent home invasion, and it is time to call in an exterminator. Pests make unusual noises, especially at night, and you can tell when they leave traces of carpet and wall damage. Parasites cause structural damage when looking for food and shelter. They will leave gnaw marks and holes on walls and furniture. Certain wood-boring insects cause damage to woodwork, and certain pests damage outdoor and indoor plants, so be wary of dust traces and damaged plants.

Excess moisture in your home

Ideally, parasites like cockroaches, mice, and termites love dark and wet areas like stagnant water puddles. These pests are health hazards, and a regular parasite inspection and extermination from time to time might help. If the pests start making daytime appearances, that’s a blatant sign of infestation, and worse if the nocturnal pests are seen during the daytime.

When to Call a Professional Exterminator

If Nothing You Do Works

When you realize you have a pest infestation, your first instinct might be to handle the issue yourself using DIY methods to save on extermination costs. While this is a viable option, it isn’t always effective, especially when there is a heavy infestation on your property. If your nuisance is simply a harmless pest infestation, you can handle the extermination on your own.

Some pesky pests like bed bugs can hide in almost any corner or crack, so they need professionals to exterminate them. There are others like wasps and bees which are dangerous and could harm your family members if ignored.

If You Have Vulnerable Family Members

If you have a family member allergic to wasp and bee stings, having their infestation is an endangerment to their lives. Children and pets are also considered vulnerable and shouldn’t be exposed to any kind of pest infestation. Pesticides contain toxic chemicals, and if not handled by an expert, they could cause health problems to you and your family. As such, it is vital to call in an exterminator who is experienced in handling these chemicals to guarantee the safety of your family.

Exterminators offer invaluable services by observing your health and maintaining the value of your property. Most pest infestations are manageable, but if they have moved to your property, you need the professional services of an exterminator. As a homeowner, it is advisable to check frequently for any signs of pest infestations to minimize the harm these animals cause to your home.


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