If you’ve ever had a mouse or another rodent in the house, you know how stressful it is. Pests can be hard to catch and in the meantime, everything needs to be washed and sanitized. Instead of going through this nightmare again, here are several tips to keep pests out for good.

Do Regular Deep Cleaning

Even if you’re on top of regular housekeeping, it’s good to get on a deep cleaning schedule as well. Pests are attracted to food and crumbs you might not be aware of. Be sure to thoroughly clean between furniture cushions, inside drawers and behind appliances on your counter.

Keep Branches Trimmed

If you’ve ever heard the scurrying of pests in your attic, you might wonder how they got there in the first place. If you have tree branches that touch your roof, that’s your answer. If you suspect there’s a squirrel or roof rats living inside your home, call Staten Island pest control and have them removed.

Always Use a Garbage Can

Most rodents, including skunks, are attracted to garbage and will easily rip into a bag to get it. When you remove garbage from the house, don’t just throw the bag outside until pickup day. Have a sturdy garbage can that’s big enough to hold a week’s worth of trash without attracting hungry pests.

Weatherproof Your Home

Another way to keep household pests at bay is to weatherproof your home. Weatherproofing allows you to find cracks and openings around your house where pests make their way in. By sealing these areas, you’ll have a tighter house that keeps both cold air and pests out.

If you’re concerned about pests invading your home, take steps to prevent them from getting in. Always keep trash out of sight, seal openings and call a professional if you suspect an unwelcome guest.

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