When it comes to selling your home, you should never underestimate the value of a landscaping project. Even taking a few hours to make your home look its best by installing some windowsill flowerpots, adding some fresh mulch, or sprucing up your front lawn with some quality landscape supplies can give your home a major boost in curb value. Giving your home that extra bit of sparkle might not take a lot of time or cash, but it can be difficult to come up with landscaping ideas on your own. Luckily, there are tons of different, insanely creative ways to give your front lawn or back garden a facelift. For maximum effect, it helps to mix and match a few small budget projects to help your home look its best when the time comes to sell. If you’re stumped and simply don’t know how to improve your property, here are a few inexpensive and simple landscaping tips that will help your home go off the market faster.

1. Freshen Up with Flowers

Who doesn’t love the look and feel of fresh flowers at a home entrance? Nothing creates a welcoming, beautiful appearance in a home like a few well-placed flower boxes or smaller garden beds. The problem is, many homeowners end up talking themselves out of planting flowers due to misconceptions about home garden upkeep. While some flowers can be difficult to cultivate, others are extremely easy to plant and tend, creating an easy, labor-free way for sellers to make their property look far more attractive from the curb. Perennials are always a favorite, and some easy winter flower varieties such as paper whites require virtually no care at all and look beautiful. Hanging plants in the window or outside the front entrance are also a lovely touch. If you know you don’t have a green thumb, don’t worry: You can always keep your home looking fresh by rotating out a selection of pre-potted plants in windowsill boxes. Another quick and easy tip is to label your garden offerings to give your front lawn or back garden box a more sophisticated touch.

2. Trim Those Hedges

While some homeowners may love the look of an overgrown hedge, not everyone loves the idea of living in a tangled wood when it comes to their backyard. If you’re lucky enough to have a ton of greenery going on near your home’s entryway or out back, you might fall into the habit of forgetting to trim larger hedges and bush growth. Even though it might seem like a tedious project to undertake, simply tidying up the look of your hedges can give your home an instant boost in curb appeal. Bushes surrounding your home can go from tangly and sloppy to elegant and crisp after a half hour of making the rounds with the hedge clippers. Keeping hedges looking neat will also help you keep an eye on any pesky or unwanted flora and fauna growth, such as weeds or vines.

3. Take Care of Water Installations

If you’ve gone the extra mile and installed any water elements in your backyard, such as a small koi pond or fountain, don’t just assume that they don’t need to be looked after every so often. While smaller stone structures might seem like the perfect thing to add to the garden to class up its look, they can easily turn a beautiful garden into a messy-looking outpost if there are pipes and stray wires everywhere. Fountains and water features can also get dirty and mossy if they’re not cleaned up, so take a minute to make sure your extra garden accouterments aren’t becoming a mess. Even if you just take the time to change filters or scrub off a bit of moss, you’ll be helping your backyard stay clean, safe, and ready for company.

4. Rent a Power Washer

Outdoor structures are bound to get covered in dirt. There’s simply no way to have a garden, patio, or outdoor sitting area that isn’t surrounded by and caked with dirt, especially after a storm or a long winter. However, instead of fighting all that mud and overgrowth, make the job way easier on yourself by renting a power washer. These extremely powerful tools pack a gigantic punch when it comes to stripping away layers upon layers of encrusted dirt on patios, pavers, and brick surfaces. While a normal washing job could end up taking hours and only barely scratching the surface, a power washer can easily scrape away years of buildup in a few seconds. Cleaning up your walking and sitting areas with a power washer won’t just make your home look instantly cleaned up, it will create a much safer environment, especially for kids who are fond of running around outdoors. Power washers can get rid of dirt, algae, and moss in almost one fell swoop.