Stack Man [48 Pack, 16 oz] Plastic Deli Food Storage Soup Containers with Airtight Lids, Freezer Safe

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These are solid containers, not like small cold-food deli containers, like hot-food deli or takeout containers. They are transparent, so you can see what you have easily. The lids match safely, but are not hard to detach. The containers are very heat-safe themselves, and in the microwave they do well. In the refrigerator, or when handling incredibly hot food, the lids can get a little deformed, but they still work. (They just don’t stack that nice.) I regularly bring lunches in them like soup and chilli and didn’t have problems leaking them. They are tough enough that to crack them open, it will require considerable smashing.

I just got hard takeout soup pots sometimes, which were tougher than these (with more heat-safe lids), but these are really sweet. I am very pleased with them because of the price. We were really excited to replace all our random yoghurt and sour cream containers with mismatched and badly fitted lids, and we got a case of medium sized containers. We’re going to buy the larger and smaller size as well so with all we have just one kind of lid.

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Today I got them and tried to place 5 lids on five pots. The top edge of the bowl tore loose from the bowl itself when I took 3 of the close fitting lids off. In other words, as I cut the lid, the rim of the bowl was torn off. Pretty strange as I’ve never seen this ever happen to any bottle. The plastic seems to be either faulty, inexpensive, or too thin. Three out of the five containers did this. This container I would never suggest.

Extreme Freeze Reditainer 32 oz. Freezeable Deli Food Containers w/ Lids – Pack of 24 – Food Storage

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October 1, 2013, was my first acquisition of these tubes. For home-made bone broth, I needed food and freezer-safe containers. I’ve made several acquisitions of 16, 32, and 64 oz cans since then.

I haven’t changed my diet, I just freeze the surplus and have to cook less now that all the kids are grown and gone. In my book, it sounds like a win-win. And those containers are pristine. They’re lined neatly in the freezer or refrigerator.

They are free of BPA, made in America, safe for cooking and fridge, frozen contents slip out into the crock and instant pot, AND are safe for the dishwasher. What is there not to love? And the ONLY time I had that problem for those of you who commented about cracking and breaking, was when I filled the containers too full. In the fridge, things grow… Do not overcrowd.

The only reason I had to buy so many of these was that they found a zillion other uses in our house, and all too many times they found their way to the children’s homes with my soup and stock. So yeah, I’m beyond happy to order more because they are so helpful and they hold up well.

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The business Reditainer does no longer appear to exist. The webpage has been shut offline. Such containers have a different manufacturing label on the rim. There is no sign of free BPA. The lids do not match well or securely. When I opened them, several of the containers and lids were cracked. The vendor takes advantage of the strong previous product and 5-Star ratings. Often search new, not most helpful, scores.

Extreme Freeze Reditainer 64 oz. Freezeable Deli Food Containers w/ Lids – Package of 8 – Food Storage

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For a very particular reason, I bought these. I use them to make freezer meals that match my instant pot inside. I put a gallon freezer bag inside and use it to keep it to the right shape. No flat packs any more. Does this take up more freezer space, maybe some, but being able to throw the entire thing without defrosting in the instant pot on crock pot mode is such a time saver that freezer space is marginal. Think of a time saver. If there comes a time when I need more, I’ll buy it again.

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I purchased them to use as ice moulds for my ice shaver after reading reports about how robust these were and used for ice moulds. They aren’t robust. The effect of freezing water in one was this. I wouldn’t have used them for ice production.

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