If you’re trying to reshape any room in your home, the right carpet selection could be the key to the whole operation. Depending on how your room is set up, your choice of carpet could do wonders for opening up any smaller, cramped room in your home simply by the way it’s designed. If you’re desperately seeking a way to make a certain room in your house appear larger and more luxurious, here’s a solid guide to picking the perfect carpet for expanding a space in a snap.

Go Wall-to-Wall

One of the best tricks of the eye to use on visitors is to choose a rug that spans the entire floor of a specific room in your home. While you might assume that this would give a room a claustrophobic feeling, the actual effect is the opposite. Installing wall-to-wall carpeting, especially if it’s a single matte shade, can make a smaller room feel more expansive and open than a small area rug or throw. By stretching from one end to the other of a space, a full carpet can make a viewer feel like there’s a never-ending expanse of space inside of a small room, especially if there’s not a lot of furniture inside.

Choose an Area Rug

Choose an Area Rug

If you’re not a fan of the wall-to-wall carpeting style, choosing a large area rug can do the trick just as well. By getting a thick, large rug to act as the centerpiece of the space, you’ll be creating a visual effect that opens up the room and makes it feel more expansive due to the largeness of your rug. There are many other benefits of purchasing an area rug as well, including the fact that it can be much more easily cleaned than wall-to-wall carpeting using All Brite Chem-Dry carpet cleaning Brisbane.

Light Colors are Best

While dark colors work to confine a space and taper it in, light colors do the opposite, bringing sunlight into a room and creating a large, expansive feeling. Not only do light colors feel freer and invite natural light in during the day, they help reflect softer lamplight at night, making each space feel reflective and open without any extra effort from you. If you’re a fan of light colors to begin with, think about choosing an off-white or pastel color for your rug. If you want less of a reflective surface, go for a shade that’s more neutral and in-between like light gray.

Scale Your Patterns Up

Choosing the right pattern can allow you to trick a viewer’s eye into seeing a larger space in front of them. If you’re going to a patterned rug, choose a busier pattern for more sparsely-decorated rooms. If your room already has a lot of furniture, such as a bedroom or small study, try to keep your patterns a bit less intricate. If you’re going for a more chaotic or asymmetrical pattern, choose something that employs details that are spaced far apart to give the appearance of expanse and large sections of open space within the rug itself.

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