A fireplace is considered to be one ofthe best features you can add to a home. In addition to providing warmth and comfort, it can also be perfect for entertaining family and friends, plus anyone who owns a fireplace knows that there’s nothing like curling up on the couch in front of a warm glowing fire at the end of a working day. If you’re considering purchasing a modern wood fireplace, it can be useful to first consider all the pros and cons. After all, you don’t want to waste your money on a product that doesn’t suit your needs. Read on to find out some of the main pros and cons of wood fireplaces in Melbourne.

Pro − Cosy Atmosphere

The main benefit of installing a wood burning fireplace is that it creates a cosy atmosphere. No other type of heating appliance offers the same type of warmth that a real fire can. With a wood fireplace, you’ll find that you’re warmer and not shivering from the cool air. Wood fireplaces in Melbourne are also ideal for hosting guests and imbuing your home with a cosy feel. 

Pro − Eco-Friendly

Most wood heaters for sale these days arean environmentally friendly choice. Wood burning appliances are incredibly efficient, as they can produce plenty of heat to warm your home. This means you can use less fossil-fuelled energy such as electricity when heating your home. Some of the latest models even make it possible to distribute the heat from the appliance throughout your home using existing duct flow.

Pro − Cheap to Run

Wood fireplaces in Melbourne are affordable to run and are able to heat a large area instantly. Unlike other types of heating, fireplaces have a wider radius of heating, meaning your whole home will be heated up. This is ideal if you mainly have tiles and floorboards throughout your house.

Con − Can’t Be Turned On and Off Easily

The main con of installing a wood burning fireplace is that it can’t be turned on and off as fast as other heaters. For instance, the fire will take a little while to heat up, and afterwards, the surface will stayhot for a period of time. If you considering purchasing a wood fireplace, it’s important to remember that you must stop the flame and give it enough time so the fireplace can cool down.

Con − Contributes to Air Pollution

Another negative of using wood fireplaces in Melbourne is that they can contribute to air pollution. When burning wood, the freshness and cleanliness of surrounding air can be affected and cause issues for those with respiratory conditions.

Con − Must Be Supervised

Modern wood fireplaces must be supervised at all time. Fireplaces must always be controlled,as if they’re left unattended, they can lead to fires that will destroy your home. Unsupervised wood fireplaces can also cause children to be burned,so it’s essential to ensure they’re monitored at all times.

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