If your garage door is acting up, falling apart or just too heavy to move, you may want to call a garage door expert to help you solve your problem. Residential garage door problems may range from just a small adjustment, to having to replace your door. Garage doors last for years. The new features will surprise you and make your life easier with lower maintenance and beautiful new styles.

New Features and Affordability

Homeowners should consider a few things before picking out a new garage door. Garage doors now have some new stylish materials and are even energy-saving. The new glazes are backed on and give you better insulation. Over the years, the finishes have improved greatly. They now are affordable on steel doors and look just like wood doors.

Garage doors that are worn out or shaky should be replaced. Old doors become a safety factor. Protect you and your family from getting hurt from a heavy garage door that may fall and injury someone. Old doors that are shaky can also lead to burglars gaining entrance into your home. New doors have smart technology with electronic sensors and auto reverse features for security and safety.

Prospective buyers want to know that the home they are looking at to buy has security features to protect their family. When you install & repair residential garage doors, you are adding value to your home. New garage doors will give your home a solid secure appearance and will appeal to prospective buyers.

New doors on your garage will also deter small animals from entering, keep out drafts, dirt and moisture. It will have a better seal than your old door against bad weather. Your garage and your car will also stay a lot cleaner with a new garage door that seals properly.

Popular Garage Door Styles

Residential garage doors have three popular styles. They are the traditional raised-panel, the carriage house and the contemporary garage doors. Your garage doors will give your home curb appeal and show your personal style. The style you choose for your garage doors will become an extremely important part of your home. A big part of the exterior of any home is the garage doors.

The traditional raised panel doors are a clean classic look for your exterior. The raised rectangular panels are symmetrical and can be insulated. The contemporary doors have great curb appeal and can have glass windows along with the aluminum doors. The carriage house doors have a rustic or barn style look. They work well with mission style homes.

Homeowners may want to think about scheduling an annual garage door inspection by trained professionals. They will come in and check all the springs, tracks and seals. Any screws that are lose will be tightened down and if need be replaced. The technicians will be able to detect small problems, before they become hazardous or a large expense to fix. Installing and or fixing garage doors should be left up to the professionals. Many places have 24/7 service available in case you have an emergency.

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