Perhaps you are looking to enhance your current farmhouse decor. You have a gorgeous rustic theme throughout your home, but you need that perfect piece to give it a little extra pizazz. Lighting is a great way to enhance your existing decor. It gives you a new focal point and can transform your space with just a single purchase.

Or maybe you are thinking about switching out your existing decor for something a bit more rustic and old-timey. Look no further than the perfect lighting accessories to turn your “shab” into fab. Select the fixtures you want first, and work the rest of your decor around it. The ideal chandelier sheds light on all of your decor, bringing it together in one cohesive setting.

Putting in new fixtures completely changes the look of your home. Switching out dim bulbs for bright in the kitchen gives you a well-lit space for preparing your food while switching out bright lights for dim ones in the dining room sets the mood for a family dinner or an intimate get together.

Sphere Chandelier

Metal doesn’t have to work too hard to create a rustic atmosphere. It’s naturally hard and cool characteristics give it an effortless organic look. This sphere chandelier displays flawless metal rings in an elegant criss-cross pattern, bringing farmhouse and upscale luxury together in a single piece.

It’s dignified and classic, with an earthy feel. The upraised lights in the center unite the circular rotation with provincial ambiance. Using dim, candle shaped bulbs give the look and feel of oil lamps and days gone by. The smooth iron inspires relaxation in a vintage living room, dining room, entryway, or cozy library. It also looks excellent adorning high ceilings or hanging in intimate spaces.

Wine Barrel Chandelier

Metal and wood together have always married the perfect blend of natural materials and man-made masterpieces. This wine barrel chandelier adds stunning architectural style to any room. A vintage metal ring surrounds gorgeous wine barrel slats, combining the old with the new for a modern and contemporary look that’s anything but boring.

Draw your eye to the unique design and adorn your home with one-of-a-kind pieces like this chandelier for style and dimension. This chandelier, reminiscent of an old lantern, will bathe your home in soft light, offering a cozy atmosphere for meals or reading a good book.

Adding a little rural charm to your country home is just a chandelier away. They go great in every room, giving you the calm you need to sit back, relax, and unwind. Whether you choose something ornate or simple, you’re sure to be happy with something that adds a bit of old-fashioned grandeur and grace.

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