Current trends in home remodeling run the gamut from bold wall colors to open floor plans and mixed furniture. Even textured wallpaper has made a comeback! This diversity makes it difficult to find a consistent thread in remodeling ideas, but several trends show a distinct attempt to get back to nature.

Natural Hardwood Floors

Floors made of natural hardwood continue to be the most popular option for homeowners. Although laminate and tile flooring are common alternatives in some rooms, nothing beats the natural beauty and warmth of Provenza old world flooring and other hardwood floors. In addition to its visual appeal and charm, hardwood flooring is extremely durable and requires little maintenance.

Circadian Rhythm Lighting

Another remodeling trend is the introduction of circadian rhythm lighting into the home. Whereas the internal clocks, or daily sleep-wake cycles, of humans were once in sync with the natural light of the sun, people now tend to spend most of their time under artificial light. This constant flooding of artificial light can negatively impact the body’s ability to adjust at bedtime. Circadian rhythm lighting mimics the change in natural light throughout the day, shifting to warmer hues in the evening to help prepare the body for a night of restful sleep.

Outdoor Kitchen Areas

One trend that literally brings the home to nature is the expansion of kitchen areas outside of the home. This expansion is enabled by sliding doors or window walls that open to a deck or patio area. The outdoor area may include a grill, a table and other outdoor furnishings. For homeowners who enjoy cooking, an outdoor kitchen area is a great way to get back in touch with family, friends and nature.

Natural hardwood floors, circadian rhythm lighting and outdoor kitchen areas are home remodeling trends that rekindle human connections with nature. Consider these and similar ideas if you’re looking to transform your home into a nature-inspired refuge from the demands of modern life.

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