Ensuring that a loved one has a comfortable and accommodating bedroom is integral in providing care. A bedridden person will spend a lot of time in their bedroom, so it is vital to ensure that the space meets all of their needs. This includes ensuring that the room is furnished with everything they need to make life easier, such as a bed that can accommodate them even though they cannot move quickly.

But before we talk about how you can renovate a room for a bedridden person, let us first discuss how their condition affects them.

Dealing with a bedridden loved one

Being bedridden can take a toll on a person both physically and mentally. It can be challenging to adjust to being confined to a bed and not being able to move around freely. This can lead to feelings of frustration, isolation, and even depression.

If you are not used to providing care for a bedridden person, it can be challenging to know how to best help them. Here are some tips:

Be patient: It is essential to be patient with a bedridden loved one. They may not be able to do things as quickly as they used to, which is okay.

Keep them involved: Since bedridden people can often feel isolated, it is vital to make an effort to keep them engaged in what is going on both in the home and outside of it.

Offer assistance: Depending on their needs, a bedridden loved one may need help with eating, going to the bathroom, and bathing. It is essential to be patient and offer assistance as needed.

Encourage movement: Even though a bedridden person cannot move around freely, it is vital to encourage them to move as much as possible. This can help prevent things like bedsores and muscle atrophy.

Furnishing the bedroom

Now that we have discussed how to best care for a bedridden loved one let us talk about how to prepare their bedroom. When furnishing a bedroom for a bedridden person, keeping their needs in mind is essential. Here are some things to consider:

Accessible appliances

The room needs to have appliances that are easily accessible, such as a phone and a television. Try to choose easy appliances for the bedridden person to use, particularly those that can be operated from the bed. For instance, a remote-controlled air-conditioning unit can be a good choice. If you don’t know how to install one, AC service providers can give you a hand.

Functional furniture items

The furniture in the room should be comfortable and functional. The bed is an essential piece of furniture in the room, so make sure to choose one that is comfortable and meets the person’s needs. For instance, if the person cannot move around quickly, you may want to consider getting them a hospital bed.

Comfort day and night

The room should be comfortable both during the day and at night. This means that it should have adequate lighting and ventilation. It should also be a space where the person can feel safe and relaxed.

If sun rays are coming in through the windows and bothering the person, you can use curtains or blinds to block them out. You may also consider using a white noise machine to help the person sleep at night.


In addition to providing a comfortable space, it is also important to make sure that the room offers adequate stimulation for the bedridden person. This could include things like books and magazines or even entertainment devices like gaming systems.

A wide-screen television can also be a good idea, as it can help the person feel more connected to what is going on in the world. You may also want to consider setting up a computer in the room so that the person can stay connected with friends and family online.

Making the room accessible

Depending on the needs of the bedridden person, you may need to make some modifications to the room to make it more accessible. For instance, if the person is in a wheelchair, you will need to make sure that there is enough space for them to move around quickly.

You may also need to install grab bars or ramps to help the person get in and out of bed. If you are not sure how to make the room more accessible, some resources are available online.

The takeaways

A comfortable bedroom is a key to making life easier for a bedridden person. It’s essential to make the space feel like home, with personal touches that make the individual feel relaxed and at ease. If you have a loved one confined to their bed, take some time to brighten up their room and make it more comfortable.

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