Winter Home Heating

Everyone’s looking for ways to save money, so when it comes to heating your home it’s a good idea to think outside the box to keep some extra cash in your pocket. That means getting creative about staying warm while keeping the thermostat low.

Instead of turning on the heat routinely, use it in a more periodic fashion and look to alternatives that you may already have around the house (and up above) that can do the trick for free or at a significantly lower cost.

We here at Quarles Propane and Oil Heat want to help our customers conserve energy and resources at the same time. These tips will help you do just that while always remaining comfortable and cozy through those chilly days and evenings.

The trick is in knowing where to make the most of the heat sources that exist in your home beyond the thermostat and harnessing the warmth that they can provide.

Clothing and Blankets

Clothing and Blankets

This one’s simple and straightforward, instead of turning up the temperature on the thermostat, throw on an extra sweater or hoodie when it gets cooler in your house.

Adding an extra layer will give you the warmth you need and if you get too hot, just take it off so you’re comfortable. If you’re hanging out on the couch watching TV or reading a book in your favorite easy chair, drape a soft blanket over your shoulders or on your knees.

The Power of the Sun

We all know how hot the sun can get overhead, there’s a reason why cats like to lie in its sunbeams that shine through the window. The cat is on to something.

Next time you feel a slight chill in the air, open the curtains or shades on those windows that get direct sunlight and the sun’s natural heat emanate into the room.

When it starts to fall and set, shut those window coverings to keep that free heat inside your home.

Buy a Space Heater

Sometimes it’s better to rely on electricity to keep the home nice and warm. That means checking out the variety of space heaters that are available for purchase.

You have plenty to choose from, small to large units, and they can all provide hours of cozy comfort that might be far cheaper than turning up the thermostat. You’ll have to decide for yourself what size and capacity heater you wish to use and if it’s more energy efficient than what you are paying for heating costs.

But these heaters can be a convenient and portable alternative to be used in any room of the house.

Baking Your Way to Warmth

The next time you use your oven to make dinner or bake cookies, consider the heat that it emanates as a way to helping you lower your bills.

When you’re finished, turn the oven off as you normally would, but leave the door open and let all that precious warmth seep out into the kitchen and the surrounding rooms.

Not only will your home smell great, it’ll feel great too!


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