Designing and building a brand-new home can be an invigorating and empowering experience. The thrill of creating something unique and tailored to your family’s needs is unmatched, and the pride in your work that follows can make your home feel all the more special. While it may be exciting to embark on such a project, building a home from scratch is no easy feat. You will need to hire several specialists and subcontractors to plan, manage and construct the elements of your new home.

General Contractor

The general contractor is the manager who oversees the building of your home as a whole. This contractor is absolutely essential to ensuring your house is built safely and effectively. He or she coordinates employees working on the project, organizes the selection and purchase of materials and serves as the liaison amongst specialists and subcontractors. Throughout the building process, the general contractor will keep you updated on the progress of your home and alert you to any problems along the way.

Home Designer

You will need the help of a well-trained designer to bring your vision to life. Home designers are trained in aesthetic design and are also trained in building codes, structural requirements and practical elements of construction. Communication is key; your designer will need to know what you want before he or she can begin working. Gather some ideas on what you would like to see in your home and present them. You may draw inspiration from other home designs you have seen. Your designer can then start working to design your dream home.

Foundation Contractors

Your house needs a solid foundation on which to stand. This task is handled by foundation contractors. Foundation contractors are in charge of planning and excavating the area on which your home’s concrete foundation will be laid. Once this is done, this subcontractor will set the concrete forms needed to support the house. This process also includes the installation of steel reinforcement beams, laying of surface drainage pipes and the construction of concrete slabs.

Drywall Installer

Once the foundation is laid for your new house, it is up to a drywall installer to build and finish the walls. Drywall installers are responsible for planning, measuring and installing wallboards and panels of drywall that cover the inside walls of your home. These specialists are also trained to read and understand blueprints and building plans. A drywall contractor must know where any and all windows, outlets and plumbing fixtures will be placed so he or she can cut spaces in the drywall as needed.


Roofers oversee and manage the construction of the roof of your house. Roofers are specialists who must have knowledge of both aesthetic and structural design and are absolutely critical to the safe construction of your home. Roofers must analyze the structural requirements of your house, determine what kind of roof design would be best and work in strict accordance with building safety codes. He or she can also work with you if there is a specific design or look you would like your roof to have.

With the help of well-trained and experienced subcontractors, your dream home can become a reality. Use this guide to help you as you begin hiring for your house building project!

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