The washing machine is one of the key features in the laundry room and owing to this it makes sense for us to try and combine as many items in the space with the design and colour of the washing machine.

Historically the washing machine was a pretty rudimentary object to have in the home and was often white, and pretty plain to look at. However, these days a washing machine is designed to come in a variety of colours, sizes and patterns. Other important aspects of a laundry is the sink and the taps.

Much like washing machines, laundry taps have come a long way with design and colours.  It is a great option to try and combine the taps with your washing machine. Here is what you should be thinking about when you aim to combine these two features.

Tap Size

Something which you may not have considered is the size of the laundry tap. In order for the taps to work well with the washing machine consider the size and design. If you have a single, small washing machine, with the laundry trough right next to it, then large taps are going to make that machine seem really small. Instead of looking to go with the big and small combination, look to use the same sizing choice when it comes to your tap choice and the washing machine, big with big and small with small.

Tap Material and Finish

Much like the sizing, try to stick with laundry taps that offer a similar finish to the washing machine. For example, if you have a silver machine with a black door, then pick matte silver colour and look for an option such as brushed chrome-this will offer a great combination.

Don’t be afraid to have a play around with different coloured taps if you have a white machine, and aim to pick out some smaller colours on the machine. For example, if the washing machine has great looking dials, then pick these out with some polished aluminium taps. The colour is important, but so too is the durability of the material which you find, so try not to put style over substance.

Tap DesignSimplicity

Similar to washing machines, there are some laundry tap options which look more complicated than others, and this is also a style feature to be aware of. For example, if your washing machine is a top-loader and screams simplicity, then you can really go big on the taps and look to include detailed functions on the taps. If the washing machine looks like it has a lot going on, then laundry mixers could be the perfect option, which will add to that feeling of ease.

Making The Difference

No matter the size of your laundry, when you enter your laundry, the first thing that will strike you is going to be that washing machine. It is therefore important that you look to add details which will compliment the machine, and the laundry taps are the perfect option for doing this.

The taps in your laundry  may not seem to be an important addition, but it will certainly make a difference to the overall feel of the room.

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