As the colder months close in, we begin to reluctantly switch on our central heating in an effort to warm our homes. However, try these top tips to cut your inevitable energy costs this winter.

1. Fix Your Energy Deal

As the cost of wholesale energy rises, and Ofgem increases the maximum safeguard tariff energy companies can charge, now is the time to secure yourself a cheaper tariff for the winter.

According to price comparison websites, there is an approximate £300 difference in the tariffs available, so make sure you are signed up to a fixed deal to avoid steep price hikes.

2. Wrap Up

Most households switch the heating up to 20 degrees throughout the day whilst wearing a t-shirt. Instead of this, wear a jumper and turn your thermostat down by one degree, which could save 10 per cent of your energy bill – a saving of around £60 each year.

Also make sure that the hot water and central heating are switched off while you are out of the house, and use the timer so it is only switched on when necessary. Turn off radiators located in rooms which are not used, and keep the doors and windows closed if your heating is switched on.

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3. Switch the Lights Off

Lights account for approximately 19 per cent of the average electricity bill, and energy-saving bulbs can save an average of £55 each year. Lasting ten times longer than the average bulb, they also use 80 per cent less energy, saving you around £120 over their lifespan.

Make sure you deal with any bad habits such as leaving the lights on while you head to the shops.

4. Close Your Blinds or Curtains

Heating can easily slip through cracks, so ensure you draw the blinds or curtains to minimise draughts.

5. Replace Your Boiler

Replacing an old boiler can cut your energy costs dramatically in the years to come. Boilers account for around 79 per cent of the total fuel usage in your home, and by installing a more energy-efficient model you could cut your bills by up to £240 each year. For boiler installation Bristol, enquire with a company such as

Get quotes and find a boiler which is A-rated – this could save around £237 each year when compared to lower-rated boilers.

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