If you own commercial property of any type that is located in an area that receives a medium to high amount of snowfall each year, you need to have a plan to deal with it. Of course, you are prepared to have the snow removed from walks and driveways, but is that the extent of your plan? Here are some things you should consider when creating your snow plan.

Building Damage

Particularly if your building has a flat roof, too much snow on the roof can cause it to fail. Be sure to have roof snow removal plans in place before winter arrives. In addition, if the unthinkable happened and the roof caved in, you need to be prepared to shut off the electricity and water. Having fire alarms and sprinkler systems or other firefighting equipment is a must. Backup generators may be helpful so that if the problem occurs when it is dark, you can still have light.


Whether you own equipment, hire out the job or expect your city to do the plowing, you need to maintain access to your establishment. Depending on how often it snows on average, you may be better off to own some items such as snowblowers and shovels.


Nobody wants an accident to happen, so being proactive is a must. In addition to shovels or other basic snow removal equipment, you need to have ice melt or something like it to help keep the walks clear of ice. Make sure you are taking care of wet floors inside the building as well. Have emergency equipment such as flashlights handy so you can help clients, patrons or employees safely enter or exit your building.

Winter planning is important, so don’t neglect it. If you are prepared, you can keep a cool head and handle any snow Mother Nature decides to throw at you.

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