When you’re getting ready to buy a home, it’s important to know all that you’re buying. While you may be able to spot some issues as you do a walk-through, it’s hard to know about everything – including what might be lurking behind the walls, under the floor, and more. A home inspection will tell you everything you need to know in order to learn more.

There are a lot of things that you won’t be able to see. By hiring a professional to conduct an inspection, you’ll learn more about such things as:

  • Foundation
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • HVAC
  • Roofing

Certain issues may need to be addressed before you complete the sale. Especially if you plan on moving into the home right away, you need to make sure it is safe. If there are leaks in the plumbing, appliances are broken, or other issues, you can tell the seller you want them to fix these things – and it may be a necessity in order for you to get the mortgage, too.

Additionally, some issues can be expensive. For example, if there are foundation cracks, it needs to get repaired so that it doesn’t begin to cause other problems in the home. If asbestos is found in the attic, it’s important to get it removed to avoid potential health problems, like mesothelioma.

Throughout the inspection, there may be a variety of cosmetic issues addressed, too. There may be screens missing on the window, caulk damage in the bathroom, and stains on the carpet. Having a list of these can make it easier for you to negotiate the price with the seller. While you’d be responsible for making these repairs, it can help you to save money on the house.

It’s always best to be in the know about the house that you’re buying so that you don’t encounter too many surprises once you move in. After the paperwork is done and the house is in your name, there is no going back. The inspection can tell you if you even want to move forward on the house. If there are too many issues or the seller doesn’t want to work with you to make repairs, you can choose to walk away.

You will want to hire a state-certified home inspector during the home buying process. Every state has specific regulations that must be met. If there are issues that have to be fixed before a home is sold, the seller will have no choice but to fix them regardless of whether you buy the home or someone else does. As you look for inspectors, be sure that they have the necessary experience with the type of home that you’re buying. Ask questions before they start the inspection to specify anything you may be particularly interested in knowing. Then, be sure that they review the inspection with you when it’s all over.

From asbestos to mold to electrical issues, an array of issues can be discovered during an inspection. It’s best to get one so you know exactly what you’re buying.

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