The rustic design had its history in the USA in the 19th century. This style is more famous among the rich who are interested in doing most of the home décor DYI. However, different rustic designs have come up which depend on your preference and can be used by anybody, not just the rich. Most people define rustic as the Tuscan-state estate or farmhouse décor. So, what characteristics and components make something qualify to be rustic? This article will explore all you need to know regarding rustic design.

  1. Rustic Comprises of Different Styles

Many styles fall under rustic design since the term describes any rough, aged, casual, and natural design. The rustic designs differ from each other depending on these factors color, shape, and design. When considering incorporating the rustic design in your home, you can consider designs such as Tuscan, cottage, and coastal. Additionally, you can consider 3d wall panels with a rustic design for your house decoration. Anything that looks traditionally is not rustic, but you can check the design used to determine if it is and other factors such as the texture. It’s important to note that rustic designs are used in the modern world, too, in decorating different parts of the house, such as the walls and the kitchen.

  1. Does not Use the Modern Furnishing

One characteristic of rustic is that it incorporates traditional designs. Modern furnishing, such as flashy geometric lighting, is not used in making rustic designs. However, you can find modern materials such as plastic, synthetic fiber, and metal. The rustic décor is often darker, less sparse, and heavier. However, the contemporary rustic tried to incorporate the rustic design with the modern style to produce a light and grounded aesthetic that still looks natural.

  1. Rustic Emphasizes Natural Nature

One of the most notable characteristics and keys of rustic design is the use of natural materials. Whether your home is a coastal or cottage, you need to use a lot of stone and wood in the walls and furniture for it to be considered rustic. Additionally, you can incorporate fabric such as canvas and burlap to make your place more natural with an earthly feel. Mostly rustic will try using raw materials that are available and in their natural states, such as unfinished woods and stones, instead of looking for burl wood and sleek.

  1. The Rustic Furniture is Often Handmade

Most of the rustic designs are not only natural but are often handmade. This helps make the style simple and unique since most materials are handmade and no machines are used. Further, most of the furniture is made oversize but designed to feel easy, comfortable, and cozy. Often you have heavy wood furniture made from stones, boards, and raw logs.

  1. Predictable natural color cottage

Most rustic furniture is finished with a color palette that is natural and helps keep the earthy tones. The most common colors are browns, grays, and green which attribute to warmth and welcome.


When looking for rustic, the above are key things to look at and consider. They look beautiful and give your home a natural look. Additionally, since it’s handmade, it often has some roughness which is natural with rustic designs.

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