It is very common to have plumbing leaks inside the houses of Miami, Florida. At the same time, it can be very expensive and extensive to take care of the problems all by yourself, without hiring a professional. Another alternative of handling plumbing leaks is to file a claim by contacting your insurance company. Unfortunately, there is a chance that your insurance company might underpay you or completely deny your payment. That is one of the reasons why hiring a Miami public adjuster would help in overcoming this disastrous situation and giving you the satisfaction needed during your time of emergency.

Insurance Coverage of Plumbing Leaks

Insurance companies only cover up for the leakage if it was purely accidental. If you were responsible for any of the damages, your claim will be denied. As an owner of a house, it is your duty to take care of the maintenance of any sort of leaks, or the prevention of leakages that happen in your house. In short, insurance companies make sure that they keep your responsible for preventing any sort of damages leading to leaks in your home. After all, if it is not accident, you will not get paid even a single penny.

Reasons behind Plumbing Leaks

  1. Over growth of Trees: This is something that cannot be prevented from happening under any circumstances, but it can surely be maintained. Contact a professional and ask them to cut out all the excessively growing roots that can burst your pipe lines in future and cause a leak in your plumbing system.
  2. Rusted Pipe Lines: This could be one of the most common reasons behind residential leakages, especially if the pipes in your home are made of metal.
  3. Uneven pressure of water: If the pressure of water is very high, it can lead to the breakage of pipes making them leak through your property.
  4. Drastic temperature changes can cause a leakage: You might think that this is a very absurd thing to say but drastic temperature changes can highly affect your pipes. Even the slightest increase or decrease in the temperatures can break the pipes, leading to a leakage.

Common Areas for Plumbing Leaks

It is recommended that business and home owners regularly check their plumbing systems for any signs of leaks. In case the spot any tiny leaks, they can be easily fixed and a tremendously huge disaster can be avoided in future. It will prevent you from filing an insurance claim as well. Here are a few places to keep an eye on and check them for leaks:

  1. Check your bathrooms, which included the shower cabin, tub, the sink and even the toilet seat
  2. The kitchen includes the dishwasher, ice maker and the sink. Depending on whatever home appliances you have that run on water.
  3. Check your lawn’s sprinklers, faucets and tubes.
  4. Your laundry room’s dryer, washing machine and water heater.

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