When you need to hire a pest control company, finding one can be quite a hassle. Not all of them are the same and even the most high-quality ones have some limitations. Yet others may try to pitch you into a contract which requires them to come to your home for a monthly checkup. However, the only time that you really need to go that route is if your home has chronic issues. Also, certain pest control companies may not be willing to check every nook and cranny in your home. Others handle the smaller pests only. Some don’t go into attics or basements, for example. If you want something that is eco-friendly, go for that.

Usually, it is beset to hire a pest control company as soon as the infestation starts to get out of control. Or if you have tried everything you can possibly think of and the bugs or rodents are still coming around. A full manifestation can cost up to $2,000 for both the removal and the cleanup. Some things to look for are whether the company is a member of at least one national or state association, such as the National Pest Control Association or is a member of the Better Business Bureau. Also, Google the reviews on sites like Glassdoor and Angie’s List when searching for pest control companies minneapolis mn. It is also highly recommended that you ask around since good testimonials from friends, co-workers, or family often says the most.

When making an inquiry, ask the company about their methods for getting rid of and keeping pests at bay. Ask about their limitations. If you can, try to get the company to give you a general map of how they solve the problem. However, some may not be cooperative on this. Some of them have done the work and not been paid and others fear being sued for doing the work and then having the customer calling in to complain about a new issue.

Most exterminators are trained in every aspect of pest elimination and prevention. Some are self-employed; however, most prefer a larger company because they tend to be able to do more. Again, whatever works best for you depends on your need and the company’s or exterminator’s limitations.

The Four Most Common Pest Elimination Methods Are:

Baited traps. Just like it sounds, these are traps with poison in them and they are designed to kill. However, the idea is that the pest will come out, eat the poison and then go away to die.

Poison spray. Like its name, poison spray is a spray that contains poison. They are mostly used for insects confining themselves to a certain area.

Fumigation. This is used for cases in which the infestation is an issue throughout much of or the whole home. Leaving the home for a time may be required as it involves sealing the structure and then releasing poison or pesticides in the air.

Traps. Traps can be designed to kill or not. These traps include catch-and-release, a spring trap, sticky, and even electronic.

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