One of the most popular themes in the HVAC business is that technology is currently influencing this industry as well as its customer expectations. If you have not made any efforts already, 2018 is definitely the year to explore the ways in which technology could aid your HVAC business with business operations, marketing in addition to making crucial data-driven decisions. HVAC businesses, just like many other service providers are greatly concerned with what the future has in store for them. The last thing you want is your business to get caught off guard when your business plans fail to anticipate the market shifts accurately. Here are some of the new trends in the HVAC business.

  1. Energy Efficiency

As the years go by, the attention on energy efficiency in the heating ventilation and air conditioning industry is continuously on the rise. Engineers and technicians are constantly looking for new methods, technology, and tools to waste, from limiting heat loss to the development of high-efficiency equipment. As new technology regarding energy efficient cooling and heating technology starts to become more available across the globe, a majority of customers will not start enjoying the numerous cost-saving benefits of going for new alternatives in refrigerant, r 20 available here. And with equipment that is more efficient, consumers, as well as companies, will benefit.

  1. A Smarter Industry

The HVAC business is gradually getting smarter since a majority of businesses are beginning to rely on and utilize smart equipment for purposes of better productivity. A majority of service and sales processes are becoming automated therefore allowing the business to cut down their customer acquisition costs in a bid to have their pricing highly competitive. Companies are also starting to utilize smartphone apps as well as programmable applications to allow building managers, engineers, and technicians to control all production processes from a single control point, such as ventilation and lighting. Businesses are also starting to achieve better and more accurate measurements and readings due to the increased accuracy of data collection. This is going to allow for the use of more efficient HVAC systems in the days to come.

  1. Smarter Thermostats

Although thermostats have been in use for several years now, they are slowly becoming more mainstream. Smart thermostats are devices which connect to Wi-Fi and can automatically link to your HVAC unit to adjust and control the temperatures. The ability of this device to adjust in real-time is increasing the energy efficiency of homes.

  1. Installation Alone

While this is probably a hot-button issue with a majority of contractors, most clients are now more than ever likely to shop online for most of the cooling and heating products. This implies that you should not be shocked when a customer asks for an estimate covering installation alone. Businesses are now being encouraged to come up with a strategy to handle this issue as well as establishing the manner in which this new paradigm shall impact their business.


And if this trend appears to be upsetting, it is important to bear in mind that it is not only unique in the HVAC industry. Many other service providers have to deal with a similar problem. We should all thank the internet for opening up shopping avenues that most of the customers deemed inaccessible in the past, and this trend is not going to change any time soon. One of the things that will probably change, however, is the manner in which you choose to handle this issue.

  1. How Can You Rate Your Online Reputation

Another notable trend that HVAC businesses should pay close attention to is reputation management. And if you have not done this already, then this is the right time to invest heavily in your online presence. And in the world, we are living in today, that will require more than having just a simple website. Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are all perfect examples of common social media sites. However, YouTube is currently becoming an important site for most businesses. Each business will most probably have reviews online even if you are probably not aware of it. This is the year when businesses will need to pay more attention to their online reviews.

If you will need help to ensure that your online reputation is not dented by a bunch of negative reviews, you will need to seek the help of service providers who help HVAC businesses build their online presence.

  1. Zoned Heating and Air

This kind of HVAC is gradually gaining its popularity and it should be expected to make headlines this year because if its cost-effectiveness and efficiency. This zone cooling and heating system usually works by separating a certain region, like your home into various zones or areas wherein every zone will be controlled separately by its own thermostat. Zoning an office or home has numerous advantages, like the elimination of cold and hot spots in addition to the individual control of the temperature of different rooms. With this kind of HVAC system, the rooms which are less frequently used will not utilize a lot of energy so as to reach the desired temperature. And while these systems are considered to be sophisticated, they could still be integrated into the traditional systems when needed.

  1. Data Focused Decisions

With the aid of new data gathering and measuring technologies, HVAC engineers and technicians shall now be in a position to utilize real metrics so as to make crucial business decisions rather than trusting their instincts alone. New smart technologies will now make it possible for HVAC businesses to be in a position to incline their services based on the needs of their customers. This will come in handy for customers who have special requests or live in severe climates.

While there are more changes expected to manifest themselves in 2018, HVAC businesses will obviously thrive if they have planned themselves accordingly and are ready to embrace and adapt to the rapidly changing environment. This should be the period for you to consider where your HVAC business should be moving to in the near future.

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