Everyone has that one piece of furniture they can’t stand cleaning but know it has to be done, or it’ll cause major problems. Whether you designate time each week to clean or hire a service, maintaining a clean home is essential to keeping your family safe and healthy. Lots of bacteria and pathogens can build up if you aren’t keeping up with a regular cleaning procedure. When purchasing outdoor furniture from companies such as the Charming Bench Company, everything comes to you looking pristine and perfect, but nothing lasts forever. That’s why it’s imperative to learn about how to clean different fabrics. Here are two cleaning tips for some of the most common types of outdoor furniture materials.

1. Synthetic Wicker

This type of wicker is made from aluminum and coated with a powder color to give it a wicker look. However, it’s a lot more durable than regular wicker which makes it a perfect outdoor option. You can clean this material with a simple spray down of a hose followed by a detergent wash with a rag. Wash it down one more time to get the soap off, and let the piece dry out.

2. Metal

This is a great piece of furniture material because it’s pretty self-sustaining and doesn’t take a lot of work on your end to keep it looking good as new. In order to keep metal clean, all you have to do is wash the top layer with soapy water. However, you have to keep your eyes peeled for any wearing away of this top layer because if the top layer is removed, then that opens the door for acid and other contaminants to eat through the metal. If you see the top varnish going away, finish it off with a topcoat of fresh paint or varnish.

Cleaning may not be the most enjoyable job, but it’s full of benefits that go well beyond a shiny piece of furniture. It’ll keep your furniture in better shape and your family in better health by eliminating unhealthy contaminants.

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