The industrial-inspired look is a look that never goes out of style. The great thing about the industrial style is that even if you’re not lucky enough to live in a cool converted warehouse space or swanky loft apartment, you can still make the most of the look in any room or home. Here are four ways to transform your home into an industrial-chic oasis.

Add Casters to Furniture

It’s very easy to add some industrial flair to just about any piece of wood furniture in your home by adding phenolic wheel casters to it. Caster wheels give an item instant mobility and an added vintage vibe, which is what you are going for with an industrial-chic look.  Furniture pieces that work well with casters are coffee tables, kitchen tables, side tables and desks. However, you can add casters to just about any piece of wood furniture you desire. Just be sure to opt for dark-colored wheels that don’t clash with the color of the wood on your furniture. 

Play up Wall Texture

The most common element in an industrial space is an exposed brick wall. Even if your home doesn’t come by this detail naturally, you can still achieve the industrial look you crave. Adding a brick veneer to any wall instantly transforms a boring room into a room with charm. Layering pressed tin over a wall, adding rustic wood paneling or using wallpaper to add texture also looks beautiful and fits into an industrial-inspired look.

Showcase Metals

With the industrial-chic look, showing off metal elements is key to getting the look just right. Mixing vintage-looking metals such as wrought iron, copper and brushed nickel with modern metals such as sleek steel or polished nickel will complement your space and add an organic feel to your home. Adding accent pieces such as mirrors, picture frames and lamps featuring metal details is an easy way to add metal to your space. 

Mix Modern With Vintage

With the industrial look, you can mix older architectural details with newer contemporary styles. Add vintage house numbers and old globes to a modern stainless-steel shelf. Or, have an industrial-inspired vintage sofa with sleek and modern pillow accents. The benefit of an industrial look is that you can keep mixing and matching modern and vintage as much as you’d like and it won’t ever look over the top. 

With the industrial look, you can go all-out or only incorporate small elements into your home. The key is to have fun with it. You really can’t go wrong with this look.


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