Pools are the perfect place to spend your summer. Not only can they offer significant relief from the sun, but they are a great place to enjoy the company of family and friends. While your pool can be just another backyard accessory, you should know that it can also be so much more than that. If you want to deck your pool out and create something truly marvelous, here are a few must-add features.

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Adding a waterfall to your pool adds an aesthetic element that can turn any pool from something ordinary into something extraordinary. With waterfall installation Orange County, you also add in a relaxing ambiance. This playful and yet calming feature can be the perfect way to upgrade your pool and backyard.


Adding lights to your pool is a feature that can improve your ambiance and increase your safety. Not only can casting light reduce the likelihood of poolside danger, but when utilized correctly, lighting can set the tone for your backyard.


Whether you have children at home or just want to embrace your inner child, adding a slide is another great feature. If you are tired of jumping or wading into the water, you can enter in style with a slide.


If you want to have the perfect poolside experience at home, you need somewhere to relax after engaging in water-fueled fun. To maximize your backyard, make sure that the perfect patio accompanies your pool. Making sure that there is room for dining, resting and respite from the shade can ensure that your family has a stupendous summer safely.

When you have a pool, the possibilities are endless. While a diving board and poolside lounge chair can improve your backyard fun, it can also be so much more. If you want to fully deck out your pool this summer, make sure that you add in some of these features.

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