Some tasks are best left to professionals; tree removal service Parkville MD is one of them. As the flurry of flyers in your mailbox proves, options for tree removal service providers abound. How can you be sure you’re choosing the most reputable company? These tips will help you discern the scammers from the experts.

Compare Prices

Ask for estimates from at least three companies to get a sense of the going price for tree removal service in your area. Avoid cost outliers. Expensive service doesn’t always equate to expertise, and the price that seems too good to be true probably is.

Compare Expertise

Take time to assess the service provider’s knowledge and professionalism. Are the arborists certified through the International Society of Arborculture? If so, this means their arborists are highly-trained experts. How would the arborist go about removing the tree? Piecing a tree requires more time than felling and could be more expensive, but it will cause less damage to your yard. Given your tree’s circumstances, felling may be the best option. Through your discussion with the tree removal service provider, you’ll gain a sense of who is trustworthy and possesses the most knowledge.

Ask About Payment Arrangements

You should only pay for your tree removal service when the project is finished and you are satisfied with the job. Unreputable tree removal services are known for collecting payment upfront or part of the way through a project, only to abandon the client before the work is complete.

Request Proof of Insurance

If an uninsured tree removal service accidentally damages your property while doing work, the repair cost will fall on you. Reputable tree removal service providers will possess insurance policies that not only cover property damages but also their vehicles, equipment and employees.

Through thoughtful research and inquiry, you can easily discern which tree removal provider will complete top-notch work at a fair price.

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