It’s the most unloved room in the house. The room that everybody forgets about. Like it or not, the downstairs toilet is both functional, and adds value onto a property though.

Unfortunately, when it comes to decorating it, big impact changes are difficult to say the least. There is little space to work with and there is always the lingering feeling in the back of your mind that there are other more ‘worthy’ rooms to spend your hard-earned money on.

Today isn’t about quashing any stereotypes about this room, but rather point you in the direction of some actionable advice that can help you get the most from it. We’ll now take a look at five points which can help you with this.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Let’s start with the obvious. As least, this first suggestion should be obvious if you have conducted any form of research on how to tackle smaller rooms.

Reflecting light is one of the easiest ways to make these rooms almost burst at the scenes. If you can position it opposite some form of natural light the effect will be miraculous, while it’s also worth highlighting that your options can be varied as well. For example, some people might opt for the giant mirror on the wall above the toilet, while others might try smaller mirrors in an almost scattered effect.

Add some freshness and fragrance

No, we’re not talking about the incense sticks (although these can work an absolute treat in some situations).

Instead, this next point is all about flowers. Avas Flowers have some really good inspiration out there and show the visual impact that some flowers can have. There is more on the Avas Flowers Instagram and Avas Flowers Pinterest pages for those of you looking for extra ideas.

The point we’re trying to make is that provided you have a place to put them, flowers tick the visual and scent boxes instantly. They also show that the downstairs toilet isn’t a deserted room; they add some ‘life’ into something that can sometimes feel very much unlived in.

Avoid small tiles at all costs

In small rooms, most of us fall into the trap of finding small pieces of furniture. In small bathrooms, or downstairs toilets, we make the same mistake with tiles.

The larger the tiles, the bigger the illusion. It also creates a grander effect, and this is something that can make all the difference when it comes to transforming that tiny, almost unused, room.

Get personal

Quite often, the downstairs toilet is anything but personal. Ultimately, now is your chance to change things.

Whether it’s hanging family photos, or little ornaments that add a personal touch – go for it. Again, the more personal you can make this room, the more it goes against the dreaded stereotypes that are associated with it.

Opt for underfloor heating

We’ll leave the most expensive suggestion until the very end – but it can work wonders. Granted, it’s a lot of work, but underfloor heating is something which is almost essential when it comes to the so-called perfect downstairs bathroom.

Let’s not forget that these spaces are uninviting at the best of times. They are small, unloved and to make matters worse, often cold. They don’t have the space to put in a designer radiator, so consider the underfloor option. Nowadays, there are solutions that can make this a lot easier and quicker, so at least consider the option.

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