Spouses whose property houses an in-ground swimming pool often center summer days around the water. However, when the sun sets, your pool can take on magical qualities; as such, you may consider using the pool to stage a delightful nighttime dating scene. Though you may find the options nearly limitless, you can wade into the following activities to create a sublime pool-centered date night.

Light Attraction

Your pool, as installed by an experienced company such as pool renovations St Charles County MO, will look enchanting at night. Take advantage of the optics by placing floating candles in the pool; just be certain to avoid breakable glass ones. Candles work best on a calm night, where their reflections are sharpened by the placid waters. After dimming most of the surrounding lights, lie back in the darkness to take in the show.

Floating Bliss

On a cloudless night, turn off all the surrounding lights and float together on water rafts while staring at the stars. Lock arms and let the mild pool currents slowly turn you, or give an occasional kick so that the stars rotate above you.


Moving water offers comforting sound qualities. Sit by the side of the pool and listen to the aquatic music generated by nature or machine. The gentle lapping of eddies can be extremely calming. However, the gurgles of the pool filter or the hum of a working skimmer can also create their own calming rhythms.


Of course, your date night should include snacks and drinks. Enjoying these while sitting partially submerged on the pool steps will make your dining a more relaxing affair.

Swimming pools are the centerpieces of backyards where they are installed. While you enjoy yours as a place for splashing and swimming under a hot summer sun, you do not have to shut it down at night. Thinking of your pool as a pallette of date-night possibilities will shed new light on its functionality.

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