If you’ve owned or rented a home for any amount of time, you’ll already have a sense of what distinguished a normal cleaning from a deep clean. Most of us take the time to clean our homes every week or so. Yet, when it comes to giving the house a full, deep cleaning, it’s easy to keep perpetually putting off the task until the last possible minute. For this reason, many homeowners end up opting to hire a cleaning service rather than tackle the job themselves. It’s understandable. When it comes to the layers of filth that build up in the home over time, most people would rather not get their hands dirty. If you’re wondering whether or not your home is too far gone, here are a few ways to figure out if you need to do a general house cleaning or hire maid services in Midlothian, VA to do a serious, thorough clean on your property.

General House Cleaning Should Last a Few Hours

Depending on the size of your home, and on how seriously you take your weekly chores, a general house clean should span anywhere from a half an hour to two hours. Unless you’re a total clean freak, you probably won’t spend a lot of time on individual, detail-oriented tasks like grouting and scrubbing during a general house cleaning, opting instead for a surface-level cleaning that spans the entire house. While many homeowners break up their general cleaning over a few days so as to be able to focus more on specific rooms at surfaces, it’s common to do a quick gloss over spare rooms and less populated areas of the home like doorways and basements. A deep clean, however, works to eradicate layers of dirt buildup from the past few months. For this reason, deep cleaning is often best left to the professionals. While some homeowners might opt to deep clean a few seriously dirty areas of the home, like the kitchen and bathroom, others prefer to leave this type of scouring to a professional, dedicated crew who will make their entire home shine like new.

Deep Cleaning Requires a Crew

Even if you live alone, deep cleaning your entire house isn’t a task you should have to take on all by yourself. For one, it’s not exactly realistic. Deep cleaning requires a lot of specialty work and effort on a variety of different surfaces. If you’re attempting to clean every single surface in your home by yourself, you’re most likely going to get tired and sloppy after a certain point. Hiring a team of people, or even just asking a few friends to come help out, is a much more realistic way to tackle a true deep cleaning, especially if you’re thinking of taking on a large, dirty area like the basement or attic.

General House Cleaning Should Take Place Every Week

Most homeowners clean their homes about every week or two. This helps to keep dirt from building up and getting to an unmanageable point. If left too long, a general house cleaning could easily devolve into a mess, requiring a deep cleaning level of care. Keeping consistent with house cleanings is what protects us from having to spend lots of time and money on doing a lot of deep cleans throughout the year rather than once or twice a year. In short, if you keep on top of your general house cleaning, deep cleaning shouldn’t become too much of an issue. By cleaning the house consistently every week, you’ll be able to save your money and put it toward a professional-grade deep clean of your truly dirty and cluttered home areas.

Deep Cleaning Involves More Tools and Detailing

When you go to clean the surface of your kitchen table or cutting board, do you usually take into account all the germs that have been sitting there over the course of hours? Most of us aren’t used to thinking about how much non-visible grime and bacteria builds up on our surfaces over just a period of hours or days. That’s why when you hire professionals. They come equipped to tackle more than just visible layers of dirt and debris. Deep cleaning involves hitting bacteria where it lives and eradicating the potentially harmful growth of problematic elements like mold and dust. If you or someone else in your home is sensitive to dust and pollen particles, deep cleaning should be a somewhat consistent part of your routine to reduce the risk of allergy flare-ups.



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