Architecture doesn’t have to be all concrete boxes and glass towers, just like not all progress has to be bad for the environment and not all development is detective. Here are just a few ways that creative architecture can build a better, greener world.

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Building a house or building creates a huge carbon footprint, by its very nature. Especially if you are building an entirely new house from the ground up. A lot of that footprint can be mitigated by repurposing an old building to a new purpose. Like recycling paper or glass, recycling buildings through adaptive reuse can make a huge difference.


Reimagine what is possible in a building. Beyond the obvious additions like solar panels or energy efficient windows, look at sustainably sourced materials to reduce the carbon footprint of a building as it is being built. Also, consider that some construction methods generate more waste than others and invariably create more junk for the landfill. Difficult problems like the ones around environmental issues require imaginative solutions and creative thinking to solve.


These principles don’t just apply to new construction. They can, should and must also apply to old buildings that are being renovated. Many buildings are running on inefficient appliances and fixtures that exacerbate the problems. Many buildings can be refitted to be greener without any new construction at all. Improved insulation, better appliances and new fixtures can all be changed whenever the building needs a little work done. You can even significantly improve your building’s efficiency by changing all the lightbulbs to a more energy efficient model. On top of saving the planet, you’ll be saving money on your electric bill.

Buildings need to be greener, in how they’re built, how they’re maintained and how they’re used. Creative architecture can be a part of that, reinventing what’s possible and reimagining what can exist.

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