Farmhouse style is as fresh and popular as when it first started trending. The welcoming comfort it offers when the outside world is increasingly chaotic seems to be the main reason for its staying power. You can change your entire home or just bring in a few elements of this style by following a few of the tips below.

The Color Palette

Neutral tones, such as beige, cream, grey or tan are the backbone of this style. Everything from the furnishings to the walls and rugs can be in a variety of these colors. Choose a pale shade for the walls and trim them in crisp white. Natural elements, such as wood, wicker, cotton, linen, burlap, muslin, duck and canvas can all bring these colors into the room as well.

Cozy Furnishings

No need to buy a new sofa when a linen or duck slipcover can transform the look. Add interest and comfort with a pile of textured or printed toss pillows and a few knit throws. Farmhouse bedding is a must for the style it was named for. There is nothing like sinking down into a cozy patchwork quilt and a pile of big, soft pillows.


Whether on a sign, pillow, or apron, you will find that roosters, cows and pigs – in that order – are still as popular as ever. You do not need to have a collection of dozens, a single well-placed piece to achieve the look. Made of wood or iron or painted on canvas, the charm of a farm-style animal keeps the look casual.


Pronounced “chotchskys,” this term includes all of the fun items you sit on tables, shelves or display in trays or cabinets. Choose unique items and mix materials to add interest and texture to the room. Combine some large and some small items and be sure to mix in some green plants here and there.

Repurposed Items

Farmhouse style is about using items that have a worn in look without being worn out. An aged patina can add some character to a room. Distressed and aged pieces are an integral element of the farmhouse look but if you prefer a more modern room with a farmhouse twist choose one or two pieces as a point of interest.

The wonderful thing about this style is that it can be used in nearly any style of home and is equally at home in the city as in the country. Try out a few of these tips and you may just fall in love with farmhouse style.

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