The bedroom has always been a special place in the house. It is the space devoted to relax, free time and regeneration so, you should pay attention to furniture and details all around you in order to make this space as comfortable as you need. They will be essential to create a night environment suitable for your lifestyle.

Contemporary beds as well as other pieces are designed in order to meet modern lifestyle needs.They still have some traditional elements but the design project adapts to modern lifestyle end interior design styles, making the bed even more and more functional.

Let’s see together two elements of the traditional bed that make it modern and functional.

Contemporary beds headboard

The headboard is the typical element of a traditional bed. Many modern beds have no headboard. You can see this kind of solution in open spaces and bedrooms where the bed is set in the middle of the room.

However, many contemporary beds are equipped with the headboard, revisited in a modern way.

The headboard of the contemporary bed is usually padded in order to ensure greater comfort during the hours before sleep. Once the bed was just the place to sleep. Nowadays, many people spend a few hours into the bed relaxing, reading a good book, watching TV or even working so, the back and the head need a soft and comfortable support to lean on. The padded headboard fits very well with this new, modern lifestyle trend.

Another kind of popular headboard is the one with shelves, bedside table and built-in bookcase. It is a headboard with a greater thickness, even ten or more centimeters, which acts as a container. This is the ideal solution in small bedrooms where there is no space to put other furniture, such as bedside tables.

Another good solution for the smallest spaces is the the headboard with built-in lights. This model is equipped with a row of LED lights integrated in the headborad, so you won’t need to buy bedside lamps. It is a modern and technological element that makes your room highly tech.

Beds with container and drawers

Over the times, modern houses have become smaller and smaller. Those who live in the big cities survive in narrow spaces or they try to minimize the amount of clothing and objects in their home. It is not always easy to find a way to store everything and keep it in order.

The space under the bed has always been the place where to store whatever closed into boxes. Obviously, this is not a hygienic method but it helps to recover space!

Contemporary beds meet this need by introducing containers and drawers under the bed. They are very large and sometimes very high, easy to open and you can store everything into these spaces, from shoes to clothes, from sheets to spare blankets.

Therefore, modern beds are the same as traditional beds because they have the same elements but they give them a new function so that people’s life can be more comfortable especially in an intimate space like the bedroom which nowadays, is not only the place where one sleeps but also the place for relax and free time before sleep.

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