What can be more unsightly than a bundle of mismanaged wires hanging from your computer or TV set? Most of the households have computers, Televisions and game consoles, and it becomes challenging to manage those wires. Hiding wires from plain sight is important if you do not want them to interfere in your stylish décor. Luckily, it is not all that difficult a task if you know what to do. Let look at several ways you can conceal wires.

  1. Keep the mess hidden behind the wall

Wires can be concealed by putting them behind a wall. To keep them out of plain sight, the easiest solution is to run them behind a wall to do that, you might require professional help. To do that, two holes need to be drilled; one at the back of the electronic device and the other near the outlet.  These wholes can be made using a drill or a drywall saw. Once the wholes are made, wall-mounted cable plates need to be installed at o both holes. The cords will run from one plate to the other. In this way, your wires will be completely out of sight!

  1. Use a wire cover

Another solution to the problem is to install a wire cover to hide all the mess. To use this method, you need to first trim the cover and the base to the required size. Once you have the right size to fit all your wire cables, you need to mark on the wall where you will be attaching the anchor points. Then, you need to vertically align the base with these lines and secure it in place with a drill and screws. With the base in place, align the cables between the two vertical edges and snap over the cover.

  1. Conceal the power strip

The clutter of all the cables in the power trip at the floor is the most problematic. Keeping it off the floor will solve the problems. Most power strips can be hung on the wall by using screws with the holes at the back. Wall-mounted power strips is another way of getting rid of the clutter. This can be plugged right into the outlet.

Getting rid of wire clutter is essential and doing so might be problematic without professional help. Concealing and Hiding Wires Services are available to help you out in the process. TV installation One is one such service. These professionals are expert in dealing with television wire clutter. They specialize in concealing clutter of theatre wires, cords and cables. TV installation One services are among the most renowned wire concealment services available in Los Angele. Locally licensed and insured, they provide safe and guaranteed services. TV installation One professionals can mount, dismount and hide away wire clutter of you TV in no time.

Wire clutter is indeed unsightly and it needs to be concealed. While you may be able to do it yourself, it is always best to leave it to the professionals.

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