The skin is the largest body organ, and it acts as a protective layer for all the complicated organs contained on your torso. This organ interacts with the outside environment, and this makes it vulnerable to many conditions. The environment is full of toxins, ranging from the air to the cosmetics we apply daily. One of the most common things that our skin interacts with is water. While most people would just assume that as long as the water looks clear, it is suitable for usage, this is not entirely true. You may start experiencing some skin complications and start linking them to other culprits such as fungal infections, exposure to the sun or some new cosmetic you purchased the other day, but your water may the reason behind your problems.

One of the systems that we use to condition our water and make it soft is called a water softener. You might have heard of hard water and how it can affect your skin. Well, it is correct that softening your water can offer you several benefits and read below and find out how this happens and some of those benefits.

Effects Of Hard Water

The primary purpose of a fleck water softener is to remove the hardness of water, and you should understand what hard water means. This kind of water contains dissolved minerals such as magnesium and calcium. These minerals make it hard for water to form a soapy solution when washing and it leaves behind a residue called scum. The most commonly seen effects of hard water are the scum and scale building up in your plumbing systems. You may concentrate on your pipes and forget that this scum also accumulates on your skin every time you take a bath. Rather than getting the lather that will wash off the dirt, you leave behind a residue that clogs your skin pores the same way it does to your pipes.

The skin is responsible for the aeration of the body, and the pores help in this function. People may react differently based on how sensitive their skin is, and some of the effects include an itchy, irritated and dry skin. These minerals can absorb moisture on your skin and prevent the natural oils from lubricating it and aiding in moisture retention. Over a long time, this water can make your skin age faster making you look older than you are.

The challenging part of this problem is you might go and visit several dermatologists, yet you are only required to get a water softener, and all your issues will be addressed.

What Are The Benefits Of Soft Water?

Soft water refers to water that does not contain the mentioned minerals. Here are some benefits of cleaning using this kind of water;

Softer Skin

Taking a bath with soft water makes your skin soft and smooth for various reasons. It has been mentioned that using hard water makes it hard for the soap to dissolve in the water, and thus the lather formation process becomes hard. The soapy residue produced using hard water can give your skin an itchy feeling. The soap lathers easily in soft water, and this makes the washing process very efficient since you can wash your body quickly.

It has been seen that these chemicals may deprive your skin of its moisture. Your skin thrives on moisture and deprivation can lead to conditions such as eczema and dry skin. Lack of moisture further worsens most of the skin conditions that we suffer today.

Clear Skin

One common effect of hard water on your skin is that it can make it break out. This can be explained by the dryness caused by hard water, something that forces the skin to boost the oil production levels, leading to acne. These mineral compounds in hard water can react with some other elements in the natural oils causing random breakouts on your skin and clogging the skin pores. Softer water won’t lead to any of these conditions, and this will make your skin clear and free from breakouts.

It has been seen that the benefits of soft water on the skin are all about the skin moisture and clogging of skin pores. In a nutshell, it can be concluded that hard water is not gentle on your skin and makes it hard to clean up thoroughly. This may also lead to accumulation of dirt particles on your skin, something that is not good for your body.

Note that the squeaky-clean feeling you have after taking your bath is not a sign of a perfect shower but the feel of scum all over your body. Your skin is supposed to feel slippery after a clean shower with soft water as the natural oils will always be functional.

Quality Of Water

You should note that softening water does not cure any skin conditions. It is just a preventive step in avoiding some of the conditions that may be caused by your interaction with hard water. One of the most common diseases that has been proved by studies to be caused by interaction with hard water is eczema. People who are exposed to hard water are more likely to get this condition, based on the nature of their skin, which is also an important thing to look at.

Other Benefits

While water softeners can bring a host of benefits on your skin, they are also beneficial in other aspects. First of all, their effectiveness in cleaning means that you will require less soap for all your cleaning applications, which implies less spending. It also helps in cleaning of all your household items since you will not be required to scrub scum from your pots all the time.

In conclusion, it has been seen that soft water is better for your skin. If you live in an area where the water is full of minerals, ensure that you purchase a water softener as it will keep you looking fresh aside from offering all the other impressive benefits.

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