A fence can be described as a structure that encloses a particular area. There are many types of fences. There are wooden fences, concrete fences, barbed wire fences etc. The difference between a fence and a wall is that a fence does not have a solid foundation in its’ whole foundation.

Fences differ in function and the purpose they are supposed to serve. Let us look at some as by their functions. Agricultural fence- This is a type of fence designed to keep livestock, predators or people out. This type of fence is usually characterized by the use of a barbed wire in its construction. Temporary fence- Just from its name you can figure out what type of fence it is. It is built to provide security and provide safety to people. It is also put up to direct certain movement in places where temporary access is needed. It is most common in construction sites and buildings. Perimeter fence- A perimeter fence is designed to deny access to trespassers or thieves. It also serves a function of preventing animals or pets and kids from wandering away. Boundary fence- A boundary fence marks or demarcate property such as a house or a compound.

Types Of Fencing Based On Construction

A hedge fence- A hedge fence may include a cactus fence, living shrubs, a turf mound or a live fence which is made up of live wood species. Wire fence- A wire fence may consist of an electric fence, barbed wire, smooth wire, chicken wire, woven wire and welded wire among others. Solid fence- A solid fence includes the following: a dry stone wall which sometimes referred to as rock fence, stockade fence which has its post very close to another.

Types Of Places Which Require Fencing

There are some areas which are required by law to be fenced. These areas include military areas, prisons, airfield and airports, industrial plants, construction sites, zoos and parks, swimming pools among other areas. Due to various factors, many people are opting to go for fencing companies. Many prefer to ask firms to do the job rather than doing the fencing themselves.

Most of these people are homeowners, ranchers, government agencies, real estate developers, business owners among others. This has led to fence construction grow to a multimillion industry. Fence contractors get money by purchasing fencing equipment and supplies at a wholesale price and later on bank on profits from charging labour and installation. In the seaport city of Seattle, this business is booming. There are many contractors and companies offering this service. The city is decorated with beautiful fencing works in residential areas and workplaces.

Companies are competing to offer quality and beautiful fencing to customers. Such companies include commercial chain link fencing seattle wa among many more companies. Do your research to find the best one for you.

By law, anyone who is in building a business or planning to venture into one must obtain a license. This also includes commercial fence builders. The only one exempted in this case are people building fences on their personal property.

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