You love your current home. The layout is great. The ambience spot on. But, there’s one problem. You are running out of space. Household furniture and other home appliances seem to have gobbled up every inch of space. What do you do? Do you pack up and move on searching for a bigger house?

Not necessarily.  When your living space becomes tight and uncomfortable, you don’t always have to move to a bigger house. With the proper reorganization and adjustments, you can reinvent your space to feel open once more.

That said here are some handy tricks you can implement and forget ever wanting to leave.

  • Make some spaces multipurpose

Every inch of space is vital in your home. And so, you need to make the most of every spot. Find a way of using some parts of your space for more than one purpose. If you have each room designated for specific use, try combining two or more to serve one purpose. For instance, if you have a guestroom that lies idle most to the time, let it double up as a home library. The same way, you can curve out a section of your bedroom for a home office instead of using another separate room. Furniture can also serve double duty saving you valuable space.

  • Optimize storage space

Sometimes most of the items taking the biggest portion of your space are things you rarely use. You can open up more space by hiding such items away in storage areas. Whether it’s an overgrown toddler’s armchair, clothing, bags, extra furniture, or tools, keeping them neatly stored somewhere (when not in use) will demand less space. That way, you can retain such items and open up your space without requiring additional square footing.

  • De-clutter

Imagine a working desk with papers spread over the whole surface. Now, think about another with neat stacks arranged in orderly rows. See the difference! The same applies to living space. If your house is too disorderly with items lying all over the place, you lose some significant space. De-cluttering helps open up space and allows of optimal use. Consider folding, packing, and arranging items in a refined way to allow optimal space use.

  • Build an addition

If you’ve reorganized, de-cluttered, turned some rooms for multipurpose use but still need more space, you might consider building an addition. Of course, depending on the design and size you might need to spend a little more.

  • Exploit the outdoor space

Outdoor space is often underutilized but could offer just enough utility as interior space. Upgrading your outdoors allows you find additional room essentially reducing the demand for indoor space. For instance, you can build a deck, patio, outdoor kitchen, entertainment area, storage, and so on. With a little creative touch, it shouldn’t be difficult to curve out something inviting.


In the end, all it takes are some little changes to earn more living space. The best part is: it will cost you far less to reinvent space in your current home than it would take to move to a bigger property.

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