4 Patio Door Maintenance and Repair Tips

Patio doors are just like any other component of your home in that they require proper routine maintenance in order to remain in the best possible working condition. When you’re selecting patio doors, one of the things to consider is how easily they can be maintained and repaired without spending large sums of money.

With so many different styles and materials from which to choose, proper upkeep should be as important as budget and aesthetic because no matter what you ultimately have installed, your doors are going to be exposed to significant wear and tear over time.

That can lead to materials breaking down, functionality becoming compromised, and the overall look and feel of the doors diminished. The result is a patio door that does not open and close correctly or simply turning into an eyesore.

You take too much pride in your home to allow either of these things to occur, therefore you’ll want to be diligent about practicing these four crucial patio door maintenance and repair tips to help you preserve the life of your patio doors for as long as you live in your home.

1. Conduct Routine Checkups

This is very important as you can’t really tell what’s going on with your patio doors unless you give them routine inspections throughout the year. It’s particularly important to do this as the seasons change because rain, wind, even sun can cause those wear and tear issues that age doors prematurely.

Anyone with patio doors virgnia beach will know these inspections are mandatory due to the many weather-related factors that can have an impact on your property. It might be something as simple as dirt and debris on the doors to chipped or peeling paint to functionality problems preventing the doors from operating as intended.

So be sure to make a visual inspection of your patio doors on a regular basis and you can get ahead of any long-term problems that will only cost more in repair or replacement bills.

2. Patio Door Frames

Let’s face it. Your home’s exterior can get dirty. This is especially true along the frames of the patio doors. In most cases, all you need is a simple mild cleaner and some water to wash them down on a clear day.

Never use cleaning agents that contain acidic and abrasive ingredients as that could mar or impair the finish beyond repair. Whatever it is you decide to use for cleaning your patio door frames, always be sure to test the cleanser first in an area that is barely visible, in the event you do cause some sort of damage by mistake.

But cleaning isn’t the only thing you need to keep in mind when it comes to your door frames. Excess moisture can cause harm to your home and your patio doors and, depending on the type of patio doors you have installed, you must be sure that the drainage system is working correctly.

That’s right, certain patio doors come with drainage systems to make sure water doesn’t pool up at the bottom of the door frame. You may notice your door frame’s sill or track has a series of tiny holes drilled into it. These are weep drains and they prevent too much water from pooling up in the sill or track and flooding into the home.

Water damage is one of the costliest repairs to have done on your house. These tiny holes are there to prevent that from happening. So be sure they are always free and clear of dust and debris.

3. Glass Cleaning
Glass Cleaning

This tip is pretty standard stuff; glass should always be cleaned in order to see outside with clarity. But some patio doors come with special glass that is coated with certain additives and contain multiple panes for top energy-efficiency.

Most glass cleaners you can buy at the store, such as Windex, should do the trick nicely. Even some dish soap and warm water will be sufficient. Make sure you always use a soft damp cloth so you don’t scratch the glass and always avoid using heavy chemicals or high-pressure power washers to keep the glass from getting damaged or broken.

4. Lubrication

Patio doors, by design, are meant to move in any number of ways. They either swing open on hinges or slide along a track. In both cases, good lubrication is required to keep them working properly.

Check all of the hardware and moving parts on an annual basis to ensure that everything is moving freely and without the friction that can cause damage to those parts over time.

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